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"The best part of the cooking class today was when I introduced the special ingredient as artichokes, one kid asked very seriously, "What if I don't eat vegetables?" to which I replied...we'll just wait and see if you eat them in the ravioli we will make...  Then after he had gobbled up all of his ravioli at the end of class, I asked him, "So how were those vegetables?"  He bashfully smiled and said, "They were pretty great!" - Chef Ariel, TEXAS

Love the messy, magical combination of children and cooking? Are you passionate about seasonal ingredients and exploring new tastes? Are you a trained chef and/or teacher? If so, please consider joining us in the kitchen!  We are activley looking for high-energy, creative chef instructors to lead children’s cooking classes (including after-school programs, summer camps and weekend classes and parties) for children ages 2 to 12. All positions are part-time.

Interested? Check out how to join our crew of dedicated and passionate Chef Instructors. Now hiring in the Chicagoland area and in Colorado!


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