Bring Sticky Fingers Cooking to Your Community

Help us spread good food and cheer to kids far and near! We are now cooking up fun in Colorado, Chicago IL and Austin TX

We think all kids should have the opportunity to learn how to make and enjoy super tasty, healthy, fun food.  If Sticky Fingers Cooking isn’t at your school or favorite camp, please contact us. If available, please provide contact information for your organization’s enrichment coordinator.

If you’re a school or camp enrichment coordinator or a school administrator who would like to learn more about Sticky Fingers, we’d like to hear from you! We pride ourselves on making it easy for our school and camp partners.

"WOW. The kids all had so much fun, learned so much and we ALL love your cooking classes!! I knew by reputation how great the Sticky Fingers Cooking program is, but experiencing it first-hand even exceeded my expectations." -Alethea (Lee) McClure, Bradley International School, Denver CO

"★  ★  ★  ★  ★  star rating for Sticky Fingers Cooking!  Gotta love our little sticky fingered saints!" - Saint Joan of Arc School, Chicago, Illinois

"We have really enjoyed having Sticky Fingers Cooking here at our school, and appreciate your organization and professionalism.  I think this is a great fit and I'm so excited to hear about the kids trying new foods!" - Gloria Roggow, After School Director at St. John’s Lutheran School, Denver, Colorado

​"Man, this really is a life skill I should have. I won't have my mom to cook for me forever!" Lilly, 8th grade girl, St. Anne's School, Barrington, Illinois

“The Sticky Fingers Cooking staff are so good with the kids, so patient and the classes are well thought out and interactive with the students. I love having them come to our schools!” -Patricia Dykstra, After School Program Manager for St Vrain Valley School District, Colorado

"I can't believe this exists, the world needs this. My KIDS needs this" Parent of 3 from St. Anne's School, Barrington, Illinois about Sticky Fingers Cooking

"My son came home sooooooo thrilled with the cooking class yesterday. I asked him what he thought of it, and he said "Mom, I love love LOVE it! It's so fun!" So, I just wanted to say thank you for making my little guy the most jazzed I have seem him in a while about learning something new." Rachel, parent, Denver, Colorado


Contact usInfo@Stickyfingerscooking.com

Here's Everything you need to know about hosting a Sticky Fingers Cooking Class at your school:

No kitchen required! 

All we need for a school cooking class is a room with an outlet and near a sink! We provide everything else!

Flexible scheduling.

We can start a class session anytime you want; sessions are between 6 and 14 weeks and feature a new healthy recipe each week. You choose the day, times and frequency of classes!

100% school safety compliant.

All of our chef instructors have background checks, fingerprinting and insurance.

Easy class registration.

We offer FREE on-line enrollment, payment, collection and class roster organization.

Class outreach materials for kids and families provided.

Sticky Fingers Cooking will provide all marketing material for classes such as email-friendly e-flyers, newsletter ;blurbs' and / or full color paper flyers.

No cost to schools. 

Tuition for our one hour school classes typically range from $16.50 to $22.50 per class, per child, paid by parents or guardians.

Discounts and scholarships.

Discounts (50% off or free depending on need) are available to parents who volunteer in class. Limited to two kids per family.

Tasty Online recipe collection.

Every family has access to Sticky Finger’s online recipe collection for tasty family fun cooking at home, which is updated weekly.

Sticky Fingers Cooking is a home-grown Colorado company!

Our dedicated, talented and creative team of Instructor Chefs have been busy cultivating 'cool'inary curiosity for thousands of Colorado and Illinois kids in schools, camps, and special events since 2008.

Contact us:


Sticky Fingers Cooking classes benefit the students who participate, and the school community as a whole, in a few ways.  We strive to provide comprehensive education and inspiration directly related to the role of real foods, cooking, and nutrition in promoting health and wellness.  Sticky Fingers Cooking is an interdisciplinary class where students practice cooking skills while learning cultural, nutritional, linguistic, and geographical information about foods from around the world.  Meanwhile, students are also practicing math skills, seeing scientific concepts at work, and developing an environmental awareness of where real food comes from.  Students are able to transfer what they’ve learned in Sticky Fingers Cooking classes to their lives outside of cooking class through take home recipes, application of newly learned cooking skills, as well as enthusiasm and an expanded palate for new foods.  Lastly, students take pride in the hard work they have put into the tasty food they have created!  Participating in Sticky Fingers Cooking classes helps build independence, persistence, and confidence in students as they work to create meals each week, skills which benefit students both in the classroom and at home. 

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