Alexander Dawson School Summer Camp 2021 (August 2nd-6th) 1st-5th - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Alexander Dawson School Summer Camp 2021 (August 2nd-6th) 1st-5th

Alexander Dawson School Summer Camp 2021 (August 2nd-6th) 1st-5th

We're sorry. This session is CLOSED.
Alexander Dawson School
10455 Dawson Drive
Lafayette, CO, 80026
Session Summary
5 Cooking Classes
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Class Dates: 08/02/2021, 08/03/2021, 08/04/2021, 08/05/2021, 08/06/2021
Important Information

Open to children entering 1st-5th grades

Please send your camper with their swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and water bottle each day as there is a 1 hour block for swimming! All campers will be provided a hot lunch each day from the school cafeteria. 

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Please register directly with Alexander Dawson School

For more information about our COVID-19 policies at summer camp:

Please visit our FAQ page:

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Due to COVID 19, please note the following:

-   All campers will be expected to wear a face mask.

-   Please check your child’s temperature regularly. If your child’s temperature is elevated, do not send them to camp.

-   All campers will be requested to wash their hands every 20-30 minutes during camp.

Class Theme Details

Welcome to the STEAM Cooking Creation Lab!

Cooking and science are a match made in...the kitchen! Come join our STEAM camp to explore the many connections between cooking and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math — with delectable dishes to create an amazing experience for all young chefs in training! We’ll be adding spice, subtracting boredom, and multiplying the fun to create culinary masterpieces. Young chefs will not only create delectable dishes but also conduct experiments with edible ingredients in this fascinating and delicious camp. Using science, technology, engineering, art and math to create delicious creations!

Sneak peek at some of the STEAM Cooking Recipes:

  • Imperfectly Perfect Quick-Simmered Persian Stew + Crispy Rice (Tahdiq) + Marvelous Minty Dough
  • Totally UN-Technical Tuscan Cranberry Polenta Cakes + Outrageous Orange Honey Yogurt Drizzle + Cranberry Orange Sparklers Rainbow Colored Cabbage Fried Rice + Mad Scientist
  • Bubbly Grape Soda Kid-constructed Jumping Jackfruit BBQ Sliders + Cool, Crunchy, Colorful Coleslaw


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