Arapahoe Community College Global Taste Buds Camp 2020 (June 1st-5th) 8-14yrs *ONLINE* Open to the Public*

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Arapahoe Community College Global Taste Buds Camp 2020 (June 1st-5th) 8-14yrs *ONLINE* Open to the Public*

5 Cooking Classes | Monday-Friday 12:30 - 1:30pm
June 1, 2020 - June 5, 2020

Open to children 8-14 years of age and is open to the public!

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Site contact is Amber Tolliver






Let your child release their inner masterchef! 

Can’t jet set to Europe, can’t soak up the sun in Mexico…fret not, Sticky Fingers Cooking is here for you and your family! Say ‘adios’ to cabin fever with these tried and true global favorites and ‘kon’ichiwa’ to a vacation at your kitchen table - No passport required (but your young chef might enjoy making one!)

Chilled Honey Soba Noodle Salad + Honey Glazed Edamame + Green Tea Honey Shakes 

Cheeky Chickpea Puttanesca + Crazy-Delicious Crispy Polenta Cakes + Awesome Basil-Lemon Italian Ice

Totally Tuscan Fruity Polenta Cakes + Outrageous Orange Honey Yogurt Glaze + Cranberry Orange Italian Bubbles

Amanda's Muy Bueno Black Bean Cakes + Groovy Green Savory Sauce + Creamy Cuban Lime Sparklers

Crispy Korean "Pajeon" Kid-Made Pancakes + Umami Sweet-Sour Soy Sauce + Iced Apple Ginger Cinnamon Punch


Need some guidance for your budding young chef right in your own home kitchen?

Looking for a fun activity while building lifelong skills?

We’re whipping up some fresh and tasty cooking class experiences!

Sticky Fingers Cooking provides an educational, fun, entertaining and hands-on learning experience with our all NEW on-line interactive video classes. 

Your child will do the chopping, grating, prepping, and cooking-oh MY! And you will end up with an inspired & excited new young chef in your family and a freshly prepared meal on the table! Family meals will also become more fun and exciting; When kids get to learn about the ingredients in their recipes and have a hand in creating their food, they’re much more willing to try new foods. There is a world of flavor to enjoy right now and right in your own kitchens!

We provide all of the instruction needed to cook up a delicious, healthy and hearty family meal within each of our on-line, interactive classes. Our wonderful Chef Instructors will lead your young chef from their own kitchens providing instruction, feedback, problem solving and a fun interactive cooking experience.  A comprehensive recipe collection, shopping lists, food allergy guide, fun family activities and video collection is included as well as loads of future family cooking fun at home together! 

Each of our original Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes have something deliciously unique to offer, from developing confidence in the kitchen to building on past skill-sets to learning to “cook off the cuff”! In all of our online classes, from sweet recipes to savory your child will have a tactile, learning experience where they will dice, slice, chop, mix, blend, and so much more. Your child will grow in confidence as he or she learns all about different fruits and vegetables as well as recipes from around the world. Come, join us in YOUR kitchen!

Within Sticky Fingers Cooking on-line classes, we will focus on our 3 foundational essentials of learning how to cook:

FUN-da-mentals: We reinforce the essentials. Your kid chef will develop confidence in the kitchen by learning the basic FUN-da-mentals of cooking - measuring, mixing, mashing, blending, and more! Our sweet recipes skills set the foundation for cooking and baking. Your child will learn these skills while creating a delicious sweet treat with a nutritious twist!

Kitchen Tools PhD: We focus on skills. Our savory recipes focus on providing tons of engaging and tactile learning for kids of all ages. Your child will continue to develop their dicing, slicing, mincing, grating, folding and chopping skills using a wide variety of kitchen tools.

COOL-inary Confidence: We focus on creativity & confidence. Your child will learn how to “Cook Off the Cuff” developing their COOL-inary confidence with our fun & flexible recipes. Our recipes let your child choose ingredients from a bundle of colorful and tasty options. Each of these recipes will encourage your young chef to engage all of their 5 senses while expressing their own unique culinary creativity. At the end, your young chef will have their very own tasty recipe masterpiece!

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