Stir Cooking School Summer 2020 Basic Training Baking Boot Camp Cooking Camp AM (June 29th-July 3rd) K-3rd *CANCELED*

STIR Cooking School

3215 Zuni Street
Denver, CO 80211

We're sorry. This session is CANCELLED.


Basic Training Baking Boot Camp Cooking Camp @ Stir Cooking School

Monday- Friday, June 29th-July 3rd, 2020
Half day morning camp from 9:00am-12:00pm
Open to campers in K-3rd grades and open to the public! 
Notes: no need to pack a lunch or to apply sunscreen. Camp will be held indoors and campers eat the recipes they create! A recipe collection will be emailed to you the final day of camp!
Curious how to make your own tasty pastries from scratch?
Aspiring bakers who love to get their hands sticky in the kitchen will love this camp!Young chefs will learn the basics of scratch-baking and how to make everything from breads to fresh pastas, muffins to cookies, and more! In class, we use all portable baking equipment and tools, and each recipe can be recreated at home in your oven for more baking fun! Young chefs will love creating sweet AND savory baked goods in this tasty, engaging, and imaginative camp!
Come and cook up some awesomely tasty morning recipes with us this summer!

Basic Training Baking Boot Camp Recipe Teaser:
French Fruity Turnovers + Citron Creme Glacee +  Iced Vanilla Steamers
Kitschy Kitchen Sink Pancakes + All Shook-Up Chocolate Butter +   Banana Chocolate Milk
Kid-Innovated Citrus Cakes + Smooth Ricotta Frosting +  Fruity Sparkling Punch
Creative Kid-Made Pizza Bombs + Caprese Salad-on-a-Stick + Basil Cream Sodas

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