Mongolia + Japan - Teens in the Kitchen 1-Day Summer Camp 2022 at St. Paul - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Mongolia + Japan - Teens in the Kitchen 1-Day Summer Camp 2022 at St. Paul

Mongolia + Japan - Teens in the Kitchen 1-Day Summer Camp 2022 at St. Paul

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St. Paul Catholic Church
10000 David Moore Dr
Austin, TX, 78748
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1 Cooking Class
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Class Dates: 06/28/2022
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What better way to explore another country and culture than through its food? Young chefs will cook recipes from all around the world and explore food history, culture, songs, geography, and languages associated with each recipe. We'll travel the globe, but you can keep your passports at home!

  • Mighty Mongolian Fried Rice + Cumin Frizzled Onions + More!
  • Terrific Temaki Sushi + Sweet Soy Splash + More!

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Students Ages 11-16

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Our professional chef instructors guide young chefs by providing safe, entertaining, hands-on learning throughout the camp, but it’s the kid chefs who do the prepping and cooking! Our camps are a BLAST for all ages! When kids get to engage with the ingredients and have a hand in creating their food, they’re much more willing to try new foods. We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious and healthy camp!

Sticky Fingers Cooking has taught in-person and online cooking classes to over 50,000 children (and counting) since 2012. Sticky Fingers Cooking offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes (all seasonal and as local as possible!), master culinary skills (that they can put to use in family kitchens!) and nourish their bodies and minds.

IF THEY MAKE IT, THEY’LL TRY IT! Sticky Fingers Cooking strives to inspire, educate, celebrate and provide comprehensive education directly related to how the essential role of real foods, cooking and nutrition play in promoting health and wellness. Sticky Fingers Cooking provides simple, highly adaptable cooking skills and integrated nutrition education that will last a lifetime, opening the door to a life of health and vibrancy that positively impacts the youth and their families in our community. We hope to see you in the kitchen!

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