Amanda's Muy Bueno Black Bean Cakes + Groovy Green Savory Sauce + Creamy Cuban Lime Sparklers

Ever since Amanda, our website-tech-EVERTHING-guru, ultra-rad friend, and fellow food enthusiast shared this recipe with us back in JANUARY, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the week we’d get to share it with our studnets and in our cooking classes. Well folks, the time is here!

Amanda is not only an expert in all things website-related, but she also regularly milks goats and creates the most incredible things from the milk - things like strawberry goat’s milk ice cream and dulce de leche. We KNEW these recipes were going to be good since she declared it. And they are.

Put on some Buena Vista Social Club and enjoy exploring the flavors of CUBA through this week’s dishes in your own home. And don’t forget to sprinkle in some questions to ask your kids about fun facts about black beans, cilantro, and what life is like for kids in Cuba as you do.... We went over all of these cool things in our Sticky Fingers Cooking Classes this week! 

Sweet + Savory, Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui 

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