Kid-friendly AUGUST 2019: Back-to-School Peachy Panzanella + Bellissima Basil Vinaigrette + Blended Basil Peach-ade Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking


Back-to-School Peachy Panzanella + Bellissima Basil Vinaigrette + Blended Basil Peach-ade


Summer is almost over, but tomatoes and peaches are still here... hooray!! We love pulling out this SFC classic recipe - A delicious, charming vegetable bread salad that makes use of late summer produce and lazy weeknights while they’re still warm and we still don’t want to turn on our ovens.

The Tuscans were smart and created this panzanella (pahn-zah-NEHL-lah) salad using bread, olive oil, basil and juicy tomatoes. 

We eat a lot of salads at Sticky Fingers Cooking, and classic panzanella is our absolute favorite. Most kids love it! YES – Kids can and will love salad. Salads are also a great choice to get kids involved in the kitchen, as there’s lots of hands-on engagement with all of the slicing, chopping, tossing, and mixing required to get this salad on the table! Juicy summer tomatoes, sharp vinaigrette, sweet ripe peaches, fresh basil, and little toasted cubes of crunchy bread, only slightly softened by all that luscious salty fresh tomato juice and rich olive oil…too good to refuse. Don’t be surprised when kids are surprised that they LOVE this salad - and when it becomes one of your household favorites, too. Mangia Bene (eat well... in Italian)

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui   

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