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Bang Bang Brussels Sprouts + Terrific Tofu Tenders + Bang Bang Dippin’ Sauce + Thai Green Tea Lemonade

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

This week we’re taking a not-so-popular vegetable and giving it delicious treatment with a sweet-tart sauce that kids are sure to love. We’re pairing it with a twist on classic chicken tenders (made with tofu!) and serving it all up with an easy and refreshing Green Tea Lemonade.

There are two versions of Bang Bang: One is from the Sichuan region of China. The other is a Thai dish that’s been popularized in the West. Typically the dish uses chicken, but brussels sprouts have become a common vegetarian substitute. First we’ll roast the sprouts in sweet chili sauce with the battered tofu tenders. Then we’ll dip in a semi-homemade sauce. This is reminiscent of fish sticks with tartar sauce...but BETTER! And healthier, too.

Have Fun! Happy + Healthy Cooking - Chef Jacqui and Erin, Food-Geek-In-Chief

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