Springtime Carrot Cake Doughnut Holes + Cream-Cheesy Drizzle + Carrot Confetti + “Cheesecakey Shakeys”


Something about carrot cake just really shouts SPRING, don’t you think? Just how old is the recipe for carrot cake, exactly? Tracing back, we found that Carrot Cake evolved from a medieval recipe from the Middle Ages for Carrot Pudding. Of course, throughout the (hundreds of) years, cakes and baked things became sweeter and sweeter as sugar became more readily available (and cheaper!). We wonder: if people living in the Middle Ages could taste a slice of today’s carrot cake, what would they say about the sweetness?! Would they shout this is good BELLYTIMBER?? The middle age English word for “food!” was bellytimber IE: “Let’s go grab some Doughnut Bellytimber for a snack, shall we?”


The modern day recipe we enjoy today was further evolved from retro recipes of the 60s and 70s, when canned fruits, nuts, and raisins were added to almost everything. We wanted to keep both the tradition of the original recipe AND the modern-day retro feel alive by adding canned pineapple and applesauce instead of tons of added sugar to our doughnut holes. The accent of the Cream-Cheesy Drizzle adds plenty of sweetness and just the right tang to counteract the doughnut holes’ fruit flavor. If your doughnut holes come out more cupcake or muffin-shaped, don’t worry: ours did too. This is where we get to use our imagination and ask our young chefs to do the same. We love when we get to dive a little deeper into history, time travel, connect to different cultures, and learn new fun facts with each weekly recipe. Food traditions and all art, really, connect us to our ancestors and earlier times in history when life for many humans was very different. Kids envelop this curiosity and compassion when it comes to the lives of others, and what better way to expose them to such a time as the Middle Ages than to bake up a delicious, sweet recipe like this one? ENJOY YOUR BELLYTIMBER and HAPPY (nearly) SPRING!


Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui  

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