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Kid-Tastic Creative Calzone Thanksgiving Leftover Challenge + Saucy Tomato Dip + Kid-Made Italian Sodas

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-Up! 

Happy Thanksgiving, Sticky Fingers Cooking Families! We’re especially grateful for your commitment to sending your kids to our classes to find joy in cooking and eating healthy foods. You’re helping us plant the seeds for your children to have the courage and skills to be creative and adventurous with food, nourish themselves, and nourish others at such young ages. 

This week, our recipe focus is kids’ OWN creativity and family bonding in their OWN kitchens.

We really want our Sticky Fingers Cooking students to go home over Thanksgiving break and make these awesome calzones with everyone in their family with the Thanksgiving leftovers in their own kitchens. In our after-school classes this week we provided a few calzone filling options to mimic what Thanksgiving leftovers your family may have on-hand: Sweet potatoes, cranberries, cream cheese, and sage. Other filling ingredients we provided were more traditionally Italian: Olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Brainstorm with your children:

In our classes this week, your children first learned to make pizza dough, how to knead, and then they choose their own fillings for their calzones. Baked them up and ate and enjoyed. See. They are the experts. So, ask your kids to show you how to prepare Kid-Tastic Creative Calzone Thanksgiving Leftover Calzones and have your very own Master Chef Family Challenge. Game on.... and for the record, our bets are on our amazing Sticky Fingers Cooking kid students for the win! Every time. 

Thank you again so much, and please enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with all of your family, friends, and FOOD.

With Gratitude. Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui    

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