Italian Pint-sized Poppyseed Cakes + Incredibly Creamy Ricotta Frosting + Fruity Italian Punch

Italian desserts are typically very sweet and creamy and pair best with a cup of super hot espresso: think of tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta.

We took these traits and applied them to this week’s pint-sized recipes for lemon poppyseed cakes swiped with a creamy deluxe ricotta frosting. Kid chefs always love whipping together frosting - but have they ever made one with cheese? More specifically, glorious, puffy tufts of Italian cloudlike cheese?

The magic is in ricotta's texture and ability to take on a wide variety of flavors - savory and sweet. We’re putting it IN our cakes AND ON TOP. Have fun tasting the ricotta first with your kids at home.  It doesn’t taste like much. Then taste it as you go once each ingredient is added. This is the cool difference to teach them between cooking and baking - with baking, we have to imagine what flavors will taste like and go for it, hoping that the end results will be delicious!

With cooking, we can taste along the way to create whatever masterpiece we want.

Sweet, Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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