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Very Cozy Veggie Mug Pot Pie + Frozen Hot Cocoa Bombs

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

Anyone else remember the frozen pot pies that came in mini pie tins and individually wrapped cardboard containers?! I used to love getting part of the golden crisp crust together with a spoonful of creamy filling, all in one bite. Frozen pot pies were major players in the surge of convenience and tv dinners back in the 80s. A pot pie is indeed a delicious and cozy thing to make from scratch, and when we were coming up with cold weather recipe ideas that kids could feel confident making themselves, this was one of our first ideas. It is yet another way for kids to use their hands to create something delicious (they’ll be making a biscuit crust using their hands. Kids LOVE to feel dough!) while also providing a healthy serving of veggies to them. Paired with a cup of hot cocoa in the form of a sweet, delicious BOMB? We can’t think of a more exciting and cozier winter pair. Enjoy! 

Happy & Healthy Cooking: Chef Jacqui & Chef Erin


HEY PARENTS! This recipe requires a microwave and a mug. Please open any cans (i.e. canned chickpeas/tomato paste) prior to class and discard lids!

ALLERGY SUBSTITUTIONS (for those items in red with a *)
BUTTER (DAIRY ALLERGY): Sub dairy-free butter alternative (like Earth Balance)
FLOUR (GLUTEN ALLERGY): Sub gluten-free flour blend (with xanthan gum)
CHOCOLATE CHIPS (DAIRY OR NUT ALLERGY): Sub Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips

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