Kid-friendly RECIPE week of 9/7/20: Kid-Created 11-Layered Fiesta Nachos + Ultimate Guacamole + Raspberry Limonada Rosa Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking


RECIPE: Kid-Created 11-Layered Fiesta Nachos + Ultimate Guacamole + Raspberry Limonada Rosa

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

We love nachos in pretty much any form. We don't discriminate. Recently, we met up with my family at a favorite Mexican restaurant, where we all always order the same thing each time. My daughters suggested we try their nachos, which became this recipe's inspiration. Most families not think of nachos as healthy or even a family meal and we wanted to change that. 

Sheet Pan Nachos: the ultimate quick weeknight dinner save, and something kids will feel proud to help their families make and serve. There are a zillion variations you can make, so we thought it’d be great for kids to choose their own toppings to make ELEVEN total layers of kid-created fun! Lots of chopping and sprinkling vibrant, healthy and colorful flavors between crispy tortilla chips and cheese will keep kid hands busy. These nachos are an excellent way for kids to try many new veggies, too! Holy guacamole: Dinner is served! “Comer bien mis amigos!” Eat well my friends!

Fun fact: Both nachos and pink lemonade were invented by accident. True story. 

Have Fun + Happy, Healthy Cooking! - Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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