Kid-friendly Week of May 3rd: Puffy Greek Baklava CUPcake + Out-of-this-world Orange Honey Syrup + Honey Cinnamon Milk Steamers Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking


Puffy Greek Baklava CUPcake + Out-of-this-world Orange Honey Syrup + Honey Cinnamon Milk Steamers + Brainy Power-Up Veggie Snacks

We’re making a cake inspired by one of the world’s most delicious desserts, and a true gift to the sweet culinary world: Baklava. It’s probably a new word and a new dessert for many kid chefs; the joke above might help them remember it!

We’re going to explore Greece, learn about the incredibleness of honey, and marvel at how taste and smell go together with our ingredients today by performing some simple experiments that will get kid chefs thinking of ways they can bring out the flavors of ingredients in our online classes.

Although this cake is not the same as baklava, it’s very delicious, We know kids will love it and that they’ll remember it when they have a chance to try the real thing!  “YIA MAS!” (Yee-AH moss) or CHEERS in Greek!

Happy & Healthy Cooking: Chef Jacqui & Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief


This recipe requires a mug & a microwave.


Each Sweet MUG-tastic Recipe include kids prepare a snack of raw veggies and hummus, sour cream, guacamole, nut butter, and/or another dip of their choice at the beginning of class. ALL veggies are good for the brain! The purpose is to reinforce and encourage kids to eat veggies and have them learn a little about what each vegetable does for the body!

Kids to choose their veggies and a dip to snack on before making their mug cakes:

ALLERGY SUBSTITUTIONS (for those items with a *)

Butter: Sub olive oil, coconut oil, or vegan butter alternative (we like Earth Balance)
Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds: Omit OR sub raisins
All-purpose or whole wheat flour: Sub gluten-free flour blend with xanthan gum or guar gum (must be a blend: pure garbanzo or rice flour will not work)
Egg: Sub ¼ C applesauce
Yogurt: Sub non-dairy coconut or soy yogurt, or coconut cream
Milk: Sub dairy-free soy, coconut, or rice milk


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