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Venezuelan Cheesy Pea Arepas + Holy-Moly Pea Guacamole + Sparkling Kid-a-Ritas

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-Up!

This week we are traveling to Venezuela in our kitchens. A Venezuelan table is not complete without Arepas. An arepa is a traditional South American dish, prepared and used much like bread. Unlike bread, however, arepas are made with corn instead of wheat.

The simple arepa recipe requires less than 30 minutes to prepare, 1 bowl, and only 3 ingredients: cornmeal, water, and salt. Our version more closely resembles Venezuelan arepas and we added in some cheese and green peas to jazz it up. We will also add peas to our guacamole. Why not? The peas add extra nutrition and make the guacamole a deliciously vibrant green color.

How to prepare your arepas is up to you, the fastest ways are deep-frying them, or frying them in a regular pan but you can grill them or even bake them. Arepas can serve as a kind of sandwich or burger, which can be filled with anything you like. Feel free to have your family go wild with different fillings to serve this as lunch, snacks, dinner….. OR…. One guess as to what Venezuelans like to eat for breakfast? Arepas! Arepas are usually enjoyed either with scrambled eggs, and a glass of freshly pressed juice in the morning.

Shout  “amo cocinar” I love to cook in Spanish and “me encanta comer " I love to eat in Spanish and enjoy!

Happy + Healthy  Cooking!  Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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