Good things come in small packages, like these mini mincefruit pies!

Mincemeat pie - kinda weird, but kinda intriguing, right? This is the inspiration for our twist on a classic English Christmas holiday dish. If you haven’t tried or heard of mincemeat before, does the name make you curious? We’re hoping it’ll spark some fun conversation in our cooking classes with our studnets this week! 

Mincemeat is, traditionally, a mix of dried chopped fruit, sweet and warming spices, and suet, or beef fat. It was created in Medieval Times as a way of preserving meat. And, it was a recipe of great status because if you could afford to serve Mincemeat Pies at your parties, you obviously could afford to hire the best of pastry chefs around. Obviously, our version is vegetarian (with loads of fruit), but no less delicious.

Dried fruit is fun to mince and squish, and it makes a colorful, flavorful filling for mini pies. Clotted cream is another traditional British recipe, and so is Wassail! In Chef Jacqui’s family, Christmas is not Christmas without a big pot of Wassail on the stove that we all drink from until the very last drop is gone. It’s communal, warming, and celebratory.  We hope you have fun creating these modern mini versions of a beloved old-time favorite with your kids at home!      

Happy + Healthy Cooking: Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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