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Very Vietnamese Veggie Bánh Mì Sandwiches + Hibiscus Ginger Party Punch

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I find that Kids LOVE Vietnamese food because of the literal explosion of flavor when the food hits your mouth. Vietnamese food is so RAD(ish). Nothing dull there.

Vietnamese cuisine excels at contrasts of taste and texture, and Bánh mì (Baan-Mee) sandwiches are a shining example. Who doesn't love a good sandwich? With quick and fresh vegetable pickles, a generous handful of fragrant herbs, rich mayonnaise and all topped on a fluffy French baguette; this iconic sandwich is delightfully complex, culturally diverse, yet incredibly simple to make.

I’ve never had a reason to make Bánh mì sandwiches at home because some of my favorite (and cheerful) Vietnamese restaurants are right down the street from our house. But spring is springing and radishes started showing up at our local market right next to the colorful carrots  – and I knew some home(KID)made sandwich pickling was in order. This recipe will make extra pickles so feel free to have breakfast banh mi’s (with eggs) the next day like we did. Or just store them in your fridge for salads, or sandwiches later on in the week. P.S:And If tofu or eggs are not your sandwich thing, you could go with some other type of meat – but since tofu is my thing, here we go...

My daughters love to add their own herbs and vegetables to their Bánh mì sandwiches. They can tinker all they want with squirts of lime, sprinkles of more pickles, leaves of fresh herb and adding extra sauce. Each mouthful can be varied. There are no rules to eating Bánh mì sandwiches. Let your kids play with their food.

The Hibiscus Ginger Party Punch is tasty on its own, and it is a great to drink while eating your Bánh mì sandwiches. It is also a fun way to show your kids great way to enjoy healthy hibiscus tea and ginger. Don't leave your littlest partygoers out of the fun… Feel free to make ½ for the kids and ½ with any usual "adult additions" you may like. It is a perfect backyard spring drink that will make the WHOLE family happy. ;-) 

Happy + Healthy Cooking – Chef Erin

A FUN and TRUE Vietnamese Saying: "Có thực mới vực được đạo" English equivalent: It's no use preaching to a hungry man (Meaning: Having food (energy) is the prerequisite to achieve anything)

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