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Mighty Mexican Tortilla Soup + Lime Crema + Blood Orange Rock-a-Ritos

There is definitely something incredibly soothing and comforting about eating a bowl of hot soup on a brisk spring day, especially on a Saturday or Sunday for lazy, easy, homemade lunch with the family.

Not every kid is going to rush to the kitchen table to devour that bowl of lentil soup (unfortunately)... but this Mexican tortilla soup recipe will have your kids slurping down an entire bowl quicker than you can say GRACIAS!

This week we are keeping the Cinco de Mayo celebrations going in our Sticky Fingers Cooking classes and learning all about the wonders and helpful healthy citrus fruits.

A great tortilla soup can be a revelation - rich with intriguing roasted-corn-tomato-avocado-lime flavors vibrant with color and toasty, tantalizing aromas. Tortilla soup is wonderfully satisfying, "a sort of soul food soup," as Mexican cooking authority Diana Kennedy puts it. What is the VERY best part of this colorful, tasty, broth-based dish? Well, everyone at the table can customize their serving with add-ins of their choice. YES! Let the kids choose which toppings they would like for themselves... And your family can even create your very own soup toppings! The crispy crushed tortilla chips, lime, avocado, crema, and cheese toppings make this soup 100% perfect in my opinion (and in my bowl!)...

We are also preparing a wonderful lime crema TWO ways, one with sour cream and lime and the other with whipped avocado, dairy-free milk, and lime. We will add dollops of crema to our soup before eating and washing it all down with a fun, fresh, healthy sparking blood orange spritzer we are calling Rock-a-Ritos (because it's fun to say).

This is a wonderful recipe to introduce your kids to the unlimited varieties and history of soups in our wonderful, colorful world. Perhaps, even one day, they will surprise you by eating that big bowl of lentil soup!

DELICIOSA Y BUEN PROVECHO! (Eat well!) Have Fun + Happy Cooking! – Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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