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High Tea English “Crumpets” + Assorted Sweet & Savory Butters + Quickest Fruit Jam + Proper Tea

"FANCY A CUPPA?" (Would you like a cup of tea?) 

High Tea is a tradition that’s evolved from humble to fancy, and it’s something we’ve always wanted our Sticky Fingers Cooking students to experience. Tea in Great Britain is a way of life. Even though afternoon tea has been a quintessential daily ritual for the British since the mid-1800s, drinking tea this way was obviously not the norm for every household... High-Tea in particular was not originally a delicate affair. People who worked manual labor jobs couldn’t take time out to be served a cup of afternoon tea and biscuits. Their tea break came at the end of a long workday. It served to perk up their energy levels and fill their stomachs before dinnertime, which was typically in the evening around 8 pm. They called it “High” probably because they sat at higher kitchen tables rather than the low, comfortable chairs as members of the Upper Class did.

What’s so great about this week’s recipes is that your and your kids can replicate these at-home free-form without really "following" our recipes. Yes, the crumpets need a recipe, but the “quick jam” and the sweet and savory kinds of butter are endlessly adaptable with whatever is in the fridge and pantry, with no cooking required. Grab your mates, learn some new Old English lingo, put your pinkies up, “TITTY-TOIT” (To spruce or tidy up) and enjoy creating your very own High Tea with your family this week.

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief & Chef Jacqui   

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