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Terrific Tomatillo Chilaquiles +  Super Speedy Horchata

I seem to categorize my memories based on food firsts… Things that are embedded in my brain, my heart, and my stomach. Memories that immediately take me back. Chilaquiles (Chee-lah-KEE-less) are one of those memories.

In 2003, our dear friends, Diana and Tarl got married in Diana’s hometown of Taxco, Mexico. It was a magical, glorious, beautiful, and festive night… in the early morning (or after midnight) when we were all exhausted from too much fun and too much dancing, the wedding staff brought out trays upon trays of Chilaquiles for all of us. I didn’t even know Chilaquiles existed – But that all changed when I took my first bite, and the flavor and simplicity of the dish blew me away. This is true Mexican comfort food, what my friend Diana’s mom would make her for breakfast when she had some extra tortillas that needed to get used up. Chilaquiles are basically corn tortilla pieces that are fried, cooked in salsa, and sprinkled with cheese. It turns out that is VERY traditional to have Chilaquiles served as the last meal during a long wedding party close to morning in what is called a "tornaboda" (which I was most lucky to participate in)

This is a kid-friendly 30-minute Sticky Fingers Cooking Chilaquiles recipe with a fresh 5-ingredient tomatillo sauce, tortilla chips, and a hearty tofu or egg scramble on top! Flavorful, fast, and seriously satisfying for the entire family.  This dish only takes well under 30 minutes to prepare and is super healthy loaded with vegetables and 16 grams of protein per serving. I love it for breakfast, but if you want to add extra tofu or chicken it would also make the perfect weeknight dinner with your kids.

It hits all the buttons:

Gracias Tarl y Diana… “Comer bien mis amigos!” – Eat well my friends!

Have Fun + Happy, Healthy Cooking! – Erin

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