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Fabulous Five Ingredient Filipino Eggplant “Adobo” + Filipino Fried Rice + Island Fruit Flips

Please pardon the extra alliteration with this recipe. We’re just that excited about it! You know when you believe in a recipe (Or a book. Or a Netflix series. Or a lotion) so much that you tell everyone you know about it? Well, Filipino ADOBO is that recipe for us.

Chef Erin makes Adobo in her Instant Pot, and it is so good and so easy. She told Chef Jacqui about it months ago, making it one night so she could try it, and Jacqui’s been telling everyone she knows about it since, too. Technically Adobo is just five ingredients: vinegar, soy sauce, chicken (or vegetables), sugar, and garlic. Salt, pepper, and green onions are add-ons. Adobo is a cooking method, too, and it involves mixing together an easy marinade and reducing it in the pan with whatever your main ingredient is. While Chicken Adobo seems to be the most widely-adopted version, we thought eggplant would be delicious too. It is!

Eggplant is sorta wild-looking vegetable, and your kids may be hesitant to try it at first. A purple vegetable?! Take this chance to explain that eggplant has a special nutrient that makes its skin purple in color - same nutrient in blueberries, red cabbage, and grapes. Eggplants come in many more colors and shapes than what we see at the grocery store, too….In fact, years and years ago, the variety most people were used to looked a lot like goose eggs, so that’s what they called them! Have fun traveling to The Philippines with our recipes this week!

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin (Food-Geek-in-Chief) & Chef Jacqui       

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