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Totally Thai Lettuce Wraps + Sweet Sour Mushrooms + Thai Lime Shakes

This recipe is from our Global Tastebuds Cookbook

When I was 14, my mom and I spent 3 weeks in Thailand. It was the first place I had ever been that seemed so absolutely different from the California beach town that I grew up in. From the Thai language that I could not understand or even attempt to read, to the beautiful chaotic hustle and bustle and noise of the big cities to meeting other 14 year old girls from the Long Neck Karen villages in remote northern Thailand. I felt so different, I looked so different and I spoke so differently from everyone around me. I had never experienced that feeling before. I could not have been more out of place for an already awkward teenager. Yet, I never felt more embraced. The Thai people are the most warm and welcoming culture I have ever met. I fell in love with the country, the ever-smiling people and of course the food! I had never tasted food as fresh, alive and as complex as the food on Thailand… I thank Thailand for starting me off on my lifetime love of food.

Thai cuisine is a favorite in our house. The combinations of tanging, salty and sweet always seem to hit the spot for kids. For this week’s recipe, I wanted to do something fun, fresh and flavorful. Healthy lettuce wraps that my kids’ love. This is a fast recipe with just a little cooking required, the kids should all enjoy the sweet Thai inspired flavors. Wrapping up sweet and sour mushrooms into lettuce like mini-burritos is both fun and delicious. Your kids will have a BLAST chopping, grating, wrapping, dipping and eating.  Ask your kids about what other kinds of foods we eat that we eat that are wrapped up? It is a great way to get your Thai cravings satisfied in a mere 15 minutes while introducing your family to Thai flavors. 

I love Thailand = ‘Pom/chan rak Meuang Thai’

Have fun + happy, healthy cooking! – Chef Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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