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Cowboy Breakfast Hash for Dinner   + Creative Kid Ketchup + Rockin’ Southern Sweet Tea Lemonade

Kids in the Kitchen! Recipe Ketch-up!

Breakfast for Dinner (or as it’s become aptly named: Brinner).  Who doesn’t love it?! And it’s not exactly new. 24-hour diners have been around forever. Still, there’s something almost rebellious and fun about eating breakfast at the end of the day, or really any time afternoon.

The history behind cowboy breakfasts is this: During the time of the American Frontier, the original frontiersmen and women needed a hearty breakfast to sustain them through the long days working on the cattle drive or the ranch. And they needed non-perishable foods that could last the long journey on the chuck-wagon. Breakfasts were made from dried beans, flour, ground corn, coffee beans, hard-tack crackers (made from flour, water, and salt), and salt-cured meats. Since the earlier days, cowboy breakfasts have evolved to include eggs and potatoes, and in our case: bell peppers!

A hearty meal for any time of the day, you could serve this for breakfast on a weekend or for dinner after a long day. And don’t forget the ketchup: a natural accompaniment for potatoes (and for many Americans: eggs!). Have fun as you rustle up some grub with your littlest cowpokes! 

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