Tasty Thai Rainbow Rice Salad + Zesty Coconut Lime Dressing + Creamy Cool “Coconutty” Shakes

We’ve noticed that kids love rice. No brainer. Who doesn’t, really?! Salad is not so much of a universally-loved-kid-thing, so this week we thought of combining the two in this colorful, crunchy, flavor-packed recipe to introduce many of our kid chefs to Thai cuisine AND to pack in a bunch of colorful vegetables.

Thai food can be fiery - made hot by various fresh peppers. Lime, lime leaf, and tamarind add sour notes, while palm sugar and coconut sweeten it. A typical snack for kids and adults alike in Thailand is sliced tart, unripe mango dipped in salt, sugar, and chili powder. Thai food is ALL about balance - sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. And spices and flavors used in dishes vary widely depending on the region of Thailand where the dish is found.

Our surprise ingredient this week?! COCONUT! Coconuts are so cool: This week in our Sticky Fingers Cooking classes we are exploring all the ways coconut palm trees AND coconuts can be used. We hope you cook up some fun at your house and enjoy eating these super fresh Thai recipes with your family! 

Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui  

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