Kid-friendly September 2021: Terrific Tomatillo Tostadas + Mild Jicama Slaw + Mexicana Jicama Slushies Recipe - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Terrific Tomatillo Tostadas + Mild Jicama Slaw + Mexicana Jicama Slushies

Recipe Ketch-up!​​​​​​​

My family and I love Mexican food. Tostadas are definitely are up there as one of our top ten favorites.

This week at Sticky Fingers Cooking, the kids will be making tostadas jammed packed with vegetables and their own refried beans, a fresh slaw, and Mexican lime "soda". The recipe has ONE thing in common – Every part of the recipe this week uses jicama. Even the slushies. 

Jicama (Hee-kah-ma), a plant native to Mexico, is becoming more widely available but is still relatively new to most of us. Jicama is somewhat like a cross between a turnip and a Red Delicious apple. Raw jicama tastes crunchy and fresh. It is also delectable cooked and is excellent in a smoothie. This week, we will prepare jicama in raw, cooked, and drinkable forms in our cooking classes. Jicama is a powerhouse of health benefits. It is high in dietary fiber and low in calories. It also protects your immune system and contains vitamin C, B, magnesium, and manganese. Plus, with the beans and cheese for protein and the corn tortilla shells, all your gluten-free friends can enjoy it, too!  We can wrap almost anything in a tortilla, as busy parents know, and dinner is on the table. After all, these tostadas are finger food, and children love to eat with their hands. The entire recipe is a crowd-pleaser. Your family can make super healthy Mexican food with minimal effort! Espero que te guste! (I hope you enjoy it!)

Have fun and HAPPY + HEALTHY cooking – Erin, Food-Geek-in-Chief

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