Bodaciously Bueno Breakfast Quesadillas  + Zesty Blender Salsa + Lovely Latin Crushed Limeade

IF EVER there was a recipe we wanted to make all the time, it’s THESE breakfast quesadillas. They truly live up to their adjectives: Bodacious: Outstanding; Remarkable. Bueno: Good, in Spanish.

These are better than good. They’re outstandingly good. Did your students learn any new Spanish words last week when they made our Argentinian Chimichurri Monkey Bread? What’s cool about this recipe is that it ties in some recipes we’ve cooked before. Three weeks ago, we made turnovers. Last week we cooked from a different Spanish-speaking country (Argentina), and we made a salsa of sorts: Chimichurri. Quesadillas are a type of turnover, and we’re going to be making a more familiar kind of salsa this week with tomatoes. According to our research, salsa originated with the Inca people in South America and can be traced back to the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs - indigenous people of Mexico, Central, and South America. Spanish was not an official language of any of these places until Spaniards arrived and settled. And quesadillas (and tortillas) were virtually unknown in the United States until people of Mexico brought them. Much of what we love and enjoy today is a result of what people from different cultures have brought with them as they’ve moved.  

The traditional method for making tortillas is still practiced throughout Mexico (and even in the United States) by some. Some people are even growing indigenous Mexican corn for masa and tortillas. It will be fun to talk about how tortillas are traditionally made while your students are cooking this week. Be well, and eat well, or as they say in Spanish, “¡Buen provecho!”

- Happy + Healthy Cooking: Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui

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