Assorted Kid-In-Vented Fruity and Vegetable Salsas + Jazzed Up Savory Chips + Surprisingly Sweet Chips + Frosty Coconut Limeade

Do some online browsing for salsa recipes and you’ll find there are no less than 7 million variations, which just goes to tell you how flexible a recipe for salsa can be. It’s especially exciting to be creating sweet and savory salsas in our Sticky Fingers classes this week because of the variety of produce that’s available this time of year. The corn, tomatoes and peaches are the best they’ll be all year. Ever had a strawberry salsa? Okay, so my former roommate declared a roasted strawberry and red onion salsa I braved to take to a New Jersey summer BBQ the weirdest thing she’s ever tasted - BUT she’s also never forgotten it. And that was 10 years ago. Creativity inspires conversation, and that’s what we’re hoping for in our COOL-INARY CONFIDENCE classes. Fruit salsas are as endlessly adaptable as savory salsas made with vegetables. 

We want our kid chefs to get as creative as they want to get - they can keep their individual salsas chunky, or mash them or blend them smooth. They can use 2 ingredients or 7 - It's totally up to them. We’re excited to see all the creations they produce! Shake it up this week by having kids identify the ingredients they see at the start of class and share one thing they know about that ingredient. Feel free to pepper in your own tidbits of knowledge on any of the ingredients, as always, in your own home kicthens! Have fun and get a little "sticky" this week!

Sweet + Savory, Happy + Healthy Cooking, Chef Erin & Chef Jacqui    

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