Brown International Academy Winter-Spring'17 After School Classes (WED) K-5th

Brown Elementary School (aka Brown International Academy)
2550 Lowell Blvd
Denver, CO 80211-4429

Tuition Price: $280.00

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Sticky Fingers Cooking at Brown Elementary

Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00pm in the Art Room

Beginning January 18th, ending May 10th (No class: 3/29)

16, one-hour cooking classes

Open to students in K-5th grades

It's THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what KIDS EAT! 

Our new class recipe line-up is listed below!

Let your child release their inner chef! Students will prepare and eat healthy, globally-inspired recipes all while loving and learning to cook in a fun, engaging and irresistibly tasty way that will turn even the pickiest eaters into avid food explorers

Our fun, inspiring and creative chef instructors mix together a sense of engagement and excitement as they combine the love of cooking and fun nutritional facts (even a few bad jokes!), safe cooking skills and hygiene, jokes, geography, math skills, food culture and history to help instill a lifetime love of delicious, healthy family cooking.

Your kids will have a blast every week discovering how easy and fun it is to cook (and gobble-up!) tasty, healthy, American classics as well as globally-inspired Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes! Sticky Fingers Cooking offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes, all seasonal and as local as possible, master culinary skills that they can put to use in family kitchens, all while nourishing their bodies and minds.

We practice safe chopping, measuring and mixing skills, use a wide array of cooking utensils all while creating awesomely delicious recipes from the freshest ingredients. Full recipes will be created each class with our AWESOME master chef Sticky Fingers Cooking instructors.

Each delicious new recipe prepared by your young chef will be accessible here on our website after each class (  FOR COOKING-UP SOME DELICIOUS FAMILY FUN AT HOME!

Here is a peek of the DELICIOUSNESS we have planned!

Please note that recipes are subject to change – Based on our creative whim!

Sticky Fingers Cooking is 100% nut free. We CAN and WILL accommodate ANY and ALL food allergies

  • Sticky Toffee Date Cake + Darling Date Shakes
  • Black Forest Cupcakes + Yogurt Frosting + Cheerful Cherry ‘Soda’
  • Lemon Macaroon Pancakes + Kid Made Butter + Mighty Macaroon Smoothies
  • Mini Oatmeal Cream Pies + Sweet Cream Filling + Spiced Kid Lattes
  • Crisp Mezzelune Strawberry Ravioli + Sweet Ricotta + Strawberry 'Sgroppino' Milkshakes
  • Very Berry Napoleons + Quick Chocolate Pot de Crème’ + Parisian Hot Chocolate
  • Spanish Empanada de Manzana (Apple Pies)+ Sorbete de Manzana
  • Perfect Plum Torte + Whipped Yogurt + PlumTASTIC Smoothies
  • Can’t ‘Beet’ It Red Velvet Doughnut Holes + Sweet Mint Dust + Minty Berry Dipping Sauce
  • Fried Avocado Street Tacos + Cilantro Crema + Lime Agua Fresca
  • Takeout-Style Sesame Noodle Salad + On-The-Go Boba
  • Super Spinach Saag Paneer + Indian Rice + Mighty Mango Lassi
  • São Paulo "Feijoada" Collard Greens + Brazilian Cheese Bread Bites + Brazilian Lemonade

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