Montessori Peaks Academy Winter 2018 (Jan) K-6th

Montessori Peaks Academy

9904 West Capri Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

We're sorry. This class is CLOSED.


After School Cooking Classes at Montessori Peaks Academy

8 classes on Tuesdays from 3:10-4:10pm in the servery

January 23rd- March 13th

*Tuition pro-rated to $115.50 for remaining 6 classes, Feb 6th- March 13th

Open to students in K-6th

*Please pick your child up directly from the classroom. If your child is enrolled in aftercare, they will be escorted there and signed in.

Students will prepare and eat healthy, globally-inspired recipes all while learning to cook in a fun, engaging and real-world way! Our Chefs will reinforce kitchen skills associated with our weekly recipes and emphasize each area of cooking-terminology, ingredients and fun nutrition facts (even a few bad jokes!) We will practice measurements, use a wide array of cooking utensils all while preparing the freshest ingredients. Full recipes will be created each class with our AWESOME master chef Sticky Fingers Cooking instructors.

Your kids can have a blast every week discovering how easy and fun it is to cook (and gobble-up!) tasty, healthy, American classics and globally-inspired Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes! Sticky Fingers Cooking offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes (all seasonal and as local as possible!), master culinary skills (that they can put to use in family kitchens!) and nourish their bodies and minds.

We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious and healthy after-school snack each week. Our on-line recipe collection is included as well for each chef for future family cooking fun!

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