Pasta 201: Party THYME Pasta Series w/ Chef Dylan - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Pasta 201: Party THYME Pasta Series w/ Chef Dylan

Pasta 201: Party THYME Pasta Series w/ Chef Dylan

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Hosted Online by Sticky Fingers Cooking Colorado (303) 648-4078
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3 Cooking Classes
Thursdays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm MT
Class Dates: 02/04/2021, 02/11/2021, 02/18/2021
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Want your children to learn independence in the kitchen AND cook the family dinner! This is the class for you!

At Sticky Fingers Cooking, our passion is helping children discover the joys of cooking and sharing healthy, super-tasty food that nourishes their bodies and minds! 

In this Pasta 201 Party THYME Course, your child will learn how to prepare three different pasta recipes from scratch! Learn the basics of what makes a delectable dinner with less mess by creating it from A-Z with Chef Dylan!

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About Chef Dylan: 

Chef Dylan has been a lead instructor at Sticky Fingers Cooking for over 5 years! He has always loved to cook since he was a 5-year-old helping his mom make deviled eggs. He studied Food Science and Food Service Management at Johnson and Wales University, where he graduated in 2017. Dylan loves cooking with kids because he gets to foster the same passion for food that he had when he was little, and he loves to make each ingredient shine! 

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2/4: Imperfectly Perfect Pappardelle + Awesome Savory Sauces


2/11: Not-Your-Grandma's Gnocchi + Super Simple Basil Pesto + Lemony Basil Gnocchi Soup

2/18: Global STUFFED Pastas: Ridiculously Delicious Ricotta Ravioli + Savory Cauliflower Kugel + Purely Yummy Potstickers + Cheesy Lasagna Cupcakes-in-a-Mug


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This class is open to the public to young chefs age 7-12yrs

Only 1 registration per family (or computer) is required.

Once registration is completed, the recipes, shopping lists and equipment checklist will be emailed to you before the 1st class.

The zoom links for each class will be accessible in your account.

Please note that depending on your child's skill level, your assistance may be needed!

For any questions regarding our online classes/camps, please refer to our FAQ page:




Class Theme Details


Calling all budding Master Chefs! Our 201 cooking courses are a series of classes designed to expand your COOL'inary creations and skills. Your creativity will be pushed as we create new recipes together. These classes are for children and young adults eager to learn how to master the art of scratch cooking and creating your own recipes. Themes include: Pastas & Sauces from Scratch, Quick Bread Baking, Desserts (Pastry Chef Prep) and Cuisines from Around the World!

Sticky Fingers Cooking has taught in-person and online cooking classes to over 50,000 children (and counting) since 2012. Our talented and experienced chef instructors join groups of children virtually while everyone remains in the safety and comfort of their own homes. A recipe with a shopping list, equipment checklist, food allergy guide, and video collection is included for participating families.

IF THEY MAKE IT, THEY’LL TRY IT! Sticky Fingers Cooking strives to inspire, educate, celebrate and provide comprehensive education directly related to the essential role of real foods, cooking and nutrition play in promoting health and wellness. Sticky Fingers Cooking provides simple, highly adaptable cooking skills and integrated nutrition education that will last a lifetime, opening the door to a life of health and vibrancy that positively impacts the youth and their families in our community. We hope to see you in the kitchen!

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