Stir Crazy Creative Snacks Camp Summer 2020 with Colorado Academy (July 6th-10th) *ONLINE* Open to the Public* Week 5 *CANCELED* - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Stir Crazy Creative Snacks Camp Summer 2020 with Colorado Academy (July 6th-10th) *ONLINE* Open to the Public* Week 5 *CANCELED*

Stir Crazy Creative Snacks Camp Summer 2020 with Colorado Academy (July 6th-10th) *ONLINE* Open to the Public* Week 5 *CANCELED*

We're sorry. This session is CANCELLED.
Colorado Academy
3800 S Pierce St
Denver, CO, 80235
Session Summary
5 Cooking Classes
10:15am - 11:15am MDT
Class Dates: July 6, 2020, July 7, 2020, July 8, 2020, July 9, 2020, July 10, 2020
Additional Information

This camp is open to the public to kiddos entering 1st-6th grades!

Please register for this camp directly with Colorado Academy!

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Let your child release their inner masterchef! 

Oops, we couldn’t resist — all puns intended here — ‘stir crazy’ will take on a tasty and fun new meaning as your child has a blast making and eating these delectable snack creations. Say good-bye to ordinary store bought snacks — and wonder which of these will be their new enticing favorite snack-time creations. 

Baked Kid-Created Yum-Town Granola + Yummy Yogurt Whip + Kid-Designed Un-Recipe Smoothies

Create-Your-Own Scones + Creative Whipped Cream + Mashed Fruit Jams + Kid-Friendly Cappuccinos

Vegetable Confetti Potstickers + Chinese Sweet Five-Spice Dipping Sauce + Steamy Ginger Green Tea 

Lemon Apple Yogurt ½ Pound Cakes + Yummy Yogurt Glaze + Sweet Apple Slaw + Lemon Apple Shakes

Sweet Potato Superpower Samosas + Indian Mint Chutney + Coconut Kids Iced Chai Tea


Need some guidance for your budding young chef right in your own home kitchen?

Looking for a fun activity while building lifelong skills?

We’re whipping up some fresh and tasty cooking class experiences!

Sticky Fingers Cooking provides an educational, fun, entertaining and hands-on learning experience with our online interactive themed classes. Your child will do the chopping, grating, prepping, and cooking-oh MY! And you will end up with an inspired & excited new young chef in your family and a freshly prepared meal on the table! Family meals will also become more fun and exciting; When kids get to learn about the ingredients in their recipes and have a hand in creating their food, they’re much more willing to try new foods. There is a world of flavor to enjoy right now and right in your own kitchens!

We provide all of the instruction needed to cook up a delicious, healthy and hearty family meal within each of our online, interactive classes. Our wonderful Chef Instructors will lead your young chef from their own kitchens providing instruction, feedback, problem solving and a fun interactive cooking experience.  A comprehensive recipe collection, shopping lists, food allergy guide, fun family activities and video collection is included as well as loads of future family cooking fun at home together! 

Each of our original Sticky Fingers Cooking recipes have something deliciously unique to offer, from developing confidence in the kitchen to building on past skill-sets to learning to “cook off the cuff”! In all of our online classes, from sweet recipes to savory your child will have a tactile, learning experience where they will dice, slice, chop, mix, blend, and so much more. Your child will grow in confidence as he or she learns all about different fruits and vegetables as well as recipes from around the world. Come, join us in YOUR kitchen!

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