Hidden Forest Elementary Spring 2021 Session - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Hidden Forest Elementary Spring 2021 Session

Hidden Forest Elementary Spring 2021 Session

Hey Parents! Registration and payment for this session must be completed directly with your school or organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Hidden Forest Elementary
802 Silver Spruce St
San Antonio, TX, 78232
Session Summary
6 Cooking Classes
Wednesday, 2:05pm - 3:05pm MT
Class Dates: 01/20/2021, 01/27/2021, 02/10/2021, 02/17/2021, 02/24/2021, 03/03/2021

No Class: 2/3
Additional Information
Session Details

Spring 2021: Let your children release their inner masterchef! 

  • Chinese New Year Brilliant Banana Beet Fritters + Lazy Lychee Glaze + Lucky Lychee Banana Milkshakes
  • Moroccan Dried Fruit Sweet Potato Tagine + Garlicky Couscous Crumbles + Moroccan Spiced Tea
  • Salted Chamomile Honey Beignet Bites + Raspberry Ripple Drizzle + Raspberry Chamomile Fizz
  • Italian Surprise Bolognese Plant Pasta + Tasty Tricolore Radicchio Salad + Outrageous Orange Italiano Ice
  • Springtime Carrot Cake Pops on a Stick + Sweet Cream Drizzle + Carrot Confetti + Cheesecakey Shakeys
  • Fat Tuesday Colorful Cajun Jambalaya + Grapefruit Sno-ball Party Slush

Our professional chef instructors guide kid chefs by providing safe, entertaining, hands-on learning throughout the class, but it’s the kid chefs who do the prepping and cooking! Our class sessions are a BLAST for all ages! When kids get to touch the ingredients and have a hand in creating their food, they’re much more willing to try new foods. We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a delicious, healthy and hearty after-school snack each week. 

3 super fun COOL-inary themes in our after-school cooking class sessions:

  • FUN-da-mentals: In our first class, your kid chef will develop confidence in the kitchen by learning the FUN-da-mentals: measuring, mixing, mashing, blending, and more! These skills set the foundation for cooking and baking, and students will learn these skills while creating a delicious sweet treat with a nutritious twist! 

  • Kitchen Tools PhD: In subsequent classes, students will move on to earning their Kitchen Tools PhD! Recipes provide tons of engaging and tactile learning for kids to perfect their dicing, slicing, mincing, grating, folding and chopping with a wide variety of kitchen tools, from graters and immersion blenders to whisks, wooden spoons and kid-safe kitchen knives. These kitchen tools help develop and hone fine motor skills as kid chefs prepare savory recipes together with their peers.

  • COOL-inary Confidence: Students will also learn to “Cook Off the Cuff” for several classes and develop their COOL-inary Confidence with fun & flexible recipes that let them choose the vegetables, herbs, and spices from a bundle of colorful and tasty options. Each hands-on, real-world class will encourage your young chef to engage all of their 5 senses while expressing their own unique culinary creativity, trying new foods, and thinking about how each component will contribute to their own tasty recipe masterpiece in the end!

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