Kids in the Kitchen! Oct. 30th - Nov. 20th on Fridays! Weekly for 4 classes - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Kids in the Kitchen! Oct. 30th - Nov. 20th on Fridays! Weekly for 4 classes

Kids in the Kitchen! Oct. 30th - Nov. 20th on Fridays! Weekly for 4 classes

Tuition Price $64.00 (4 of 4 classes remaining)
Hosted Online by Sticky Fingers Cooking Texas (303) 648-4078
ZOOM, Online, 73301
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4 Cooking Classes
2:00pm - 3:00pm MDT
Class Dates: October 30, 2020, November 6, 2020, November 13, 2020, November 20, 2020
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Recipe Selection

Week of 10/26/2020
Halloween Beastly Bruschetta Buffet for Dinner + Halloween Chef Salads + Ghastly Grapefruit Italian Sodas
Meal THYME Sheet Pan Cooking

Week of 11/2/2020
Puffy Greek Baklava CUPcake + Out-of-this-world Orange Honey Syrup
MUG-nificent After School Sweets

Week of 11/9/2020
Vegetable Confetti Cantonese Fried Rice Cup + Bubbly Ginger Limeade
MUG-nificent After School Snacks

Week of 11/16/2020
Choose-your-own-Taste-Adventure "Vegan" Slab Pancakes + Mashed Berry Syrup + Sparkling Orange Juice
Meal THYME Sheet Pan Cooking

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Anytime Enrichment FALL 2020 Online Cooking Sessions - New recipes each and every week! 

Sticky Fingers Cooking provides an educational, fun, entertaining and weekly hands-on learning experience with our Weekly Anytime Enrichment Online Class Sessions right in your own home! Your child will grow their independence in the kicthen after each and every class. 

MUG-nificent After School Sweets & Snack Classes highlight  single serve recipes with the use of the microwave to help foster more independence and safety in the kitchen for our students. With a quick, nutritious and deliciously creative snack for our students to eat at the end of each class.

Meal THYME Sheet Pan Cooking Classes feature recipes geared towards family meals in mind! Students will prepare a full meal for their families from start to finish in our class - Sides, sauces, drinks and the main dish. With help from an adult at home, just pop the sheet pan in the oven after class and your family’s meal will be ready in 30-40 minutes, We will even teach kids to properly set the table. (Dishwashing not guaranteed!)

We provide all of the personal instruction, with the same Chef Instructor for each class, as they create healthy and hearty after school snacks or family meals each week. Each class provides education, feedback, problem solving & activities all in a fun interactive cooking experience.  A comprehensive family recipe, shopping lists, food allergy guide, fun family activities and access to some fun videos are also included with each class session!

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