Camp Explorer w/ Broomfield Community Center Summer 2021 (2nd-5th) - Sticky Fingers Cooking
Camp Explorer w/ Broomfield Community Center Summer 2021 (2nd-5th)

Camp Explorer w/ Broomfield Community Center Summer 2021 (2nd-5th)

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Broomfield Community Center
280 Spader Way
Broomfield, CO, 80020
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10 Cooking Classes
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Class Dates: 06/09/2021, 06/09/2021, 06/23/2021, 06/23/2021, 06/30/2021, 06/30/2021, 07/21/2021, 07/21/2021, 08/04/2021, 08/04/2021
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This camp is part of the Broomfield Rec Centers Camp Explorer Summer Camp!

Please register for this camp with Broomfield Rec Center

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In each Sticky Fingers Cooking class, the mission is to cultivate culinary curiosity in kids that will be the inspiration for a lifetime of health. In each class, students will use all of their senses to discover a fresh, seasonally abundant vegetable, fruit or grain. All recipes will be available online after session I is complete. 

Sticky Fingers Cooking will accommodate any and all food allergies! Please email us to let us know about your child's food allergies:

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Sticky Fingers Cooking has taught in-person and online cooking classes to over 50,000 children (and counting) since 2012. Sticky Fingers Cooking offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes (all seasonal and as local as possible!), master culinary skills (that they can put to use in family kitchens!) and nourish their bodies and minds. We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious and healthy camp!

IF THEY MAKE IT, THEY’LL TRY IT! Sticky Fingers Cooking strives to inspire, educate, celebrate and provide comprehensive education directly related to how the essential role of real foods, cooking and nutrition play in promoting health and wellness. Sticky Fingers Cooking provides simple, highly adaptable cooking skills and integrated nutrition education that will last a lifetime, opening the door to a life of health and vibrancy that positively impacts the youth and their families in our community. We hope to see you in the kitchen!

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*COVID-19 REFUND POLICY: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, for all COVID-19-related school closings/cancellations, your student’s cooking class tuition will be credited and posted to your Sticky Fingers Cooking account as full credits (not in refunds). Thank you for your understanding.

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