Frequently Asked Questions 

All Sticky Fingers classes include:

* Creative, tasty and healthy recipes. Each week the students learn new skills and try new flavors as they make a snack for the class to share. If they make it, they taste it!
* Important food safety and kitchen skills. Fun, safe and easy-to-learn cooking skills that kids will use for a lifetime.
* Kid-friendly cooking tools and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Everything that is required to cook up a super tasty and healthy snack is provided.
* A Sticky Fingers trained chef instructor who blends expert instruction with fun. 
* Careful attention to food allergies. All of our recipes are nut-free and we’re happy to accommodate other allergies or sensitivities.
* Lots of fun and an exceptional learning experience! Every Sticky Fingers class incorporates math, science, time keeping, geography, food history, nutrition, global food traditions, team-work and reading. And, a big delicious helping of fun and laughter because cooking with kids is a joy! LET'S GET COOKING!

Sticky Fingers Cooking Waiver for Parents and Guardians

1. How do I enroll my child in a Sticky Fingers Cooking Class Session?

We have easy online registration -  Just create an account, add your child(ren) and select your child’s school!

Register and Pay Online here:

Find Sticky Fingers Cooking Sessions here:

2. Do I get a discount if I have 2 children enrolled in your cooking classes?

We welcome family participation in our classes! In order to ensure that all of our young chefs have safe and enjoyable experience in the Sticky Fingers Cooking Classroom, we limit class size to 12 children total—and therefore we require each participating child to have paid for their spot in class to reserve their spot each week. We do not offer sibling discounts at this time. If you have a special circumstance that you would like to speak with us about... We would LOVE to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at

3. My child has some serious peanut, tree nut, fish and shellfish addition to celiac disease.  How serious do you all take the allergies?  Will my child be singled out?

Sticky Fingers Cooking accommodates ANY and ALL food allergies.. We are also always cook with 100% nut free and plant based (no meats or fish) ingredients.  For example: If a child is allergic to eggs, we do not cook with eggs in their class. We never want a child to feel left out or different in our cooking classes because of a food related issue. We simply use a safe substitute for the whole class.

We have students in our cooking classes that have Celiac Disease, Type 1 Diabetes and numerous food allergies… We take children's health very seriously! If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please indicate what kind of allergy during the registration process.  PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC IN THE DIETARY NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD WHEN FILLING OUT YOUR ON-LINE PROFILE.

4. What is your refund policy?

COVID-19 SCHOOL CLOSURES: Beginning the week of April 6th, 2020, we will be adding credits to all parent accounts for missed cooking classes that were canceled due to COVID-19 related school closures.  The full credit amount can be used for any future purchase on  Details coming soon re our on-line virtual cooking classes that have been approved by your child's school. You will receive an email from our Sticky Fingers Cooking management team with more details as it pertains to your order. Please CLICK HERE for more some additional information. Thank you, be well & keep cooking!

AFTER SCHOOL COOKING CLASS REFUND POLICY: If you are not completely satisfied after the first class, please let us know and you will receive a refund*.  No refunds issued after the second+ class has occurred. Please expect 10-16 days for the refund to fully process.  *Processing Fees apply. 

SUMMER CAMP REFUND POLICY: Full refunds* up to 15 days before the start of camp. We will issue a 50% refund* two weeks (14 days) before the start of camp. Please expect 10-16 days for the refund to fully process. *Processing Fees apply.

PLEASE NOTE: NO PROCESSING FEES FOR REGISTRATION TRANSFERS: There are zero processing fees to transfer your child's existing registration to an upcoming Sticky Fingers Cooking session.

*5% REFUND PROCESSING FEE: Our refund policy is changing due to increasing fees on refunds through our credit card processor. Beginning March 1, 2020 a 5.0% cancellation fee will be applied to all cancellations initiated by the customer.  Thank you so much for your understanding.   

5. The class at my child's school is CANCELED due to a snow day or school closure... Do I get a refund?

Sticky Fingers does not refund for snow days or school closures... We work with your school and do our very best to get a make-up cooking class for your child!  Please note: If a cooking class is canceled directly from Sticky Fingers Cooking (Example: If our chef is not able to teach a class) you will get a 100% refund on tuition for that day. Please email us at if you have additional questions

6. What happens if my Child's cooking class session is cancelled before it starts?

Sometimes we need to cancel a class session due to low enrollment. If we cancel your child’s session, we will notify you via the email address you provided at the time of registration and refund your online payment in full. 

7. Can I volunteer in my child’s class?

We love parent volunteers and encourage parents to get involved!  Once enrollment has reached 8 children, parent volunteers can register their child on the website and receive a tuition reduction for volunteering their time. Please email us at if you are interested in volunteering in your child’s class. 

8. Can I sign up my child if they do not attend the school in which the cooking class is held?

No. Due to our agreements with the schools that we teach in, all children that participate in our cooking classes must attend that school. We do have some classes that are open to the public and they are stated so on our website. If you want Sticky Fingers Cooking at your child’s school, please email us at - We would love to set up a new cooking class session at your student's school!

9. If I want to take the class after the session has already started, can I still sign up? 

Please email us at and we would be happy to pro-rate the session, if we have space available in class.  

10. Are the recipes different in the Breakfast and Afternoon classes?

They are the same--our recipes are delicious ANY time of the day!  Breakfast Club classes start each morning right and the afternoon cooking classes round out the day with our featured (and fantastically delicious!) Sticky Fingers Cooking Recipe of the Week.

11. Yikes!!! The Sticky Fingers Cooking class/camp my child wants to join is SOLD OUT... Do you have a wait list?

YES! Please email us at or call us 303-648-4078 with your child's name, your contact information, the cooking class/camp location and dates of the class and we will add you to our wait list. It is common for our cooking classes to become very popular in schools and often we can open up a second, or third cooking class each week!

12. OH NO.... I'm late to pick up my child! LATE PICK-UP POLICY and LATE PICK-UP FEES:

All of us at Sticky Fingers Cooking understand that traffic or just plain life can sometimes make a person late, please keep in mind that parents that pick up children late have an effect on everyone at our cooking classes. Call us and let us know ASAP: 303-648-4078

In addition to your child becoming upset if you do not arrive as usual, remember that our Chef/Instructors are professionals and some have children of their own, with their own commitments to attend to after class. Because traffic and other outside factors are always unpredictable, allowing a margin in your travel time is key. Since the primary responsibility of Sticky Fingers Cooking is your child’s protection and well-being, the following policy is set in place in the event that you do not pick up or arrange to have someone pick up your child at the end of class:

* Sticky Fingers Cooking will attempt to reach all emergency contact numbers, including parents or guardians at home, work and cell phone numbers, as provided by parent/guardian on the child’s registration form.

* It is your responsibility as parents or guardians to provide the number of any and all persons who you authorize to pick up your child and to keep Sticky Fingers Cooking informed of any changes in these contact numbers.

* If Sticky Fingers Cooking is unable to reach anyone at any of the contact numbers provided by the parent/guardian, and one-half hour has elapsed, Sticky Fingers Cooking will arrange with the school to leave your child in after care. Sticky Fingers Cooking may need to call the police if the after school care is not available.

* LATE PICK-UP FEES: A late fee of $5.00 per child will be assessed after the first 10 minutes and an additional $1.00 per child for every minute after that will be assessed until your child is picked up. Invoices will be sent via email and will fees will go directly to your child's Chef/Instructor. This fee must be paid in full upon your child’s next class.

* Under all circumstances, the staff of Sticky Fingers Cooking shall not hold your child responsible in any way for the late pick up, and discussion of this issue will only be with the parent or guardian and never with your child.


Sticky Fingers Cooking reserves the right to deny enrollment based on a student's past behavior. We will communicate about a students behavior with parents/guardians beforehand. If the behavior is not improved, any inappropriate or disruptive conduct will be grounds for dismissal from the Sticky Fingers Cooking class without a refund.

Fun Sticky Fingers Fan Quotes:

"My son did the breakfast club at his school last fall and loved it. Such a picky eater, so it’s nice to see him trying new healthy things!" - Heather C., Colorado Parent

"Kudos Sticky Fingers Cooking! You and your staff are doing GREAT things! Look at the positive changes children and families are making in their lives with your inspiration!" Angela Lauridsen, Lifelong Learning Programmer | Kids & Teens, Boulder Valley School District, Colorado

"My boys absolutely love this class and they adore their Sticky Fingers Cooking Chef.  Our Tuesday evening dinner conversation surrounds their morning cooking and nutrition experience. Thanks for brightening our household!" - Roxanne H., Colorado Parent

"I could not have been more pleased on yesterday's two cooking classes!! They were beautifully executed, organized; with lots of thoughtful energy and passion behind your program" - Marion Hinken, After-school Enrichment Coordinator for School District 28, Northbrook, Illinois.

"Thank you for the excellent opportunity with this cooking class!! My daughter had a blast, and it gives me the courage to loosen my control of my kitchen and empower my kids to get in on the fun too!!!" - Elizabeth V, Chicago IL Parent

"I love that my son can participate as a "normal" kid despite all his dietary restrictions.  Sticky Fingers has helped foster his love of cooking and we appreciate all that you do to keep him safe!" - Kathy A., Colorado Parent

"Sticky Fingers was a life changing experience for me and my sons. In just one Sticky Fingers lesson, my twins made and gobbled up blueberry ricotta pancakes and corn arepas with avocado salsa, and went from very picky eaters to young chefs who were interacting and enjoying food. The impact from this experience was amazing." - ‚ÄčAngela Shaffer, Chicago IL Parent 

"Thank you so much!  My daughter had the best time taking your cooking classes.  She even made homemade pasta for the family one night and it was such a treat to see her in the cooking "zone."  I'll keep my eyes out for all future classes/camps that you all run in our area." - Lori I., Boulder CO Parent

I just had to share the cutest thing my daughter said. I asked her, "Do you enjoy Sticky Fingers?" her reply, "YES, are you KIDDING me, we get to eat yummy stuff! Bravo ya'll, she may be your number one fan!" - Tiffany L., Austin TX
"Our daughter Lila LOVES Sticky Fingers and we are so thrilled with how it is going and how much she is learning!" - Mary S, Denver CO