Ridgeville Park District Summer Camp 2019: Basic Training Baking Boot Camp

David Wood Field House

1111 South Blvd.
Evanston, IL 60202

We're sorry. This class is CLOSED.

Sticky Fingers Cooking Classes at Ridgeville Park District, Basic Training Baking Bootcamp! Plaease sign up HERE.

5 Cooking Classes | Monday-Friday 1:00-4:00pm

Beginning June 10th, ending June 14th


It's THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what KIDS EAT!


Notes: no need to pack a lunch or to apply sunscreen. Camp will be held indoors and campers eat the recipes they create! A recipe collection will be emailed to you the final day of camp!


Curious how to make your own baked goods, crackers, and pastries from scratch? 

Aspiring bakers who love to get their hands 'dirty' in the kitchen will love our Basic Training Baking Boot Camp! Young campers will learn the basics of scratch baking everything from breads, to fresh pastas, to muffins, to cookies and more! While we will bake using our portable cooking tools in camp, all recipes can be recreated at home in your oven for more baking fun!


Baking Boot Camp Camp Recipe Teaser:

Luscious Lemon Tart Cups + Softly Shaken Cream + No-Cook Raspberry Drizzle + Lemon Raspberry Fizz 

Kid-Made Cheesy Crackers + Fancy French Mushroom Pate + Cranberry Sparkling Boisson

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