Round Rock PARD - Farm To Table Camp Summer 2023 (June 5-8) - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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Round Rock PARD - Farm To Table Camp Summer 2023 (June 5-8)

Round Rock PARD - Farm To Table Camp Summer 2023 (June 5-8)

We're sorry. This session is CLOSED.
Allen R. Baca Center
301 W Bagdad Ave # 2
Round Rock , TX, 78664
Session Summary
4 Cooking Classes
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Class Dates: 06/05/2023, 06/06/2023, 06/07/2023, 06/08/2023
Important Information

This camp is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC,  kids ages 6-12.

Camp will be 4 days, Mon.-Thur., 9:00am- 12:00pm.


Registration for this camp must be completed on Round Rock Parks and Recreation's website HERE.

Class Theme Details

Curious where your food comes from?

Come explore the bounty of summer-fresh, local, colorful ingredients and explore how those foods got from the ground to our plates. You might already know that carrots can improve your eyesight, but did you know that cherries can help improve your memory? Young chefs will also learn what makes certain ingredients so super for the body and how delicious they can taste, while practicing basic cooking skills and techniques on their way to becoming super chefs!

Farm to Table Recipe Teaser:

  • Sassy Sweet Potato Brownies + Super Simple Sweet Potato Frosting + Cocoa Sweet Potato Power Shakes
  • Strawberry Flummery + Vanilla Whipped Cream + Oatmeal Lace Cookies
  • Peachy Panzanella Bread Summertime Salad + Bellisima Basil Vinaigrette + Blended Basil Peach-ade

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