RRISD Week 3- Full Day Camp w/Cordovan: BTBC/Art of Super Mario World (June 19-22) - Sticky Fingers Cooking
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RRISD Week 3- Full Day Camp w/Cordovan: BTBC/Art of Super Mario World (June 19-22)

RRISD Week 3- Full Day Camp w/Cordovan: BTBC/Art of Super Mario World (June 19-22)

Hey Parents! Registration and payment for this session must be completed directly with your school or organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Linda Herrington Elementary School (RRISD)
2850 Paloma Lake Blvd
Round Rock, TX, 78665
Session Summary
4 Cooking Classes
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Class Dates: 06/19/2023, 06/20/2023, 06/21/2023, 06/22/2023
Important Information
Registration is through Round Rock ISD HERE: https://roundrockisd.ce.eleyo.com/

This camp is open to students going into grades 1st-5th.

This is a full day camp in partnership with Cordovan Art School. Parents will register for one full-day camp. Students will participate in Sticky Fingers Cooking-Baking Boot Camp from 9:00am- Noon, then get a break for lunch, then participate in Cordovan's Super Mario World Camp from 12:30-3:30pm.

Class Theme Details

Curious how to make your own tasty pastries from scratch?

Aspiring bakers who love to get their hands sticky in the kitchen will love this camp! Young chefs will learn the basics of scratch-baking and how to make everything from pita bread to lemon tarts, challah to cornbread, and more! In camp, we use all portable baking equipment and tools, and each recipe can be recreated at home in your oven for more baking fun! Young chefs will love creating sweet AND savory baked goods in this tasty, engaging, and imaginative camp! Come and bake some awesomely tasty recipes with us this summer!

Basic Training Baking Boot Camp Recipes:

  • Zany Zucchini Root Beer Cupcakes + Brilliant Black Pepper Glaze
  • Scrumptious No-Sugar Carrot Cake Pancakes + Kid-Made Spiced Cream Cheese Butter
  • Amazing Apple-Carrot Raisin Challah Bread Knots + Perfect Pomegranate Juice Icing
  • Ooey Gooey Cheesy Pizza Bombs + Caprese Salad on a Stick + Kid-Made Basil Cream Sodas

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