Sticky Notes - Our Mission, Our Core Values & Our Stance on Social Responsibility
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Our Mission, Our Core Values & Our Stance on Social Responsibility

January 1, 2024 by The Sticky Fingers Cooking Team

Our Mission, Our Core Values & Our Stance on Social Responsibility


Our Mission Simplified:

Through positive and encouraging cooking experiences, we are Cultivating ‘Cool’inary Curiosity in Kids® to support lifelong skills for preparing, eating, and sharing nutritious and sustainable foods.

Our 5 Core Values at Sticky Fingers Cooking®:
  • TRUST: Building strong relationships, reliability, and a safe, supportive environment.

  • INNOVATION: Embracing new ideas, pushing boundaries, and delivering fresh experiences.

  • IMPACT: Making a positive difference, empowering children and families.

  • INSPIRATION: Igniting creativity, empowering young chefs to explore their culinary potential.

  • COMMUNITY:  Fostering belonging, collaboration, and inclusivity in safe, supportive relationships and learning environments.

Our Full Sticky Fingers Cooking® Mission Statement:

At Sticky Fingers Cooking®, we are united by a profound belief that our purpose on this earth is to transform the landscape of children's culinary education. Our commitment is unwavering: to make exceptional cooking experiences accessible to kids everywhere. We focus on innovation in the realm of culinary education, believing in the power of simplicity to make complex concepts approachable for young minds.

Our core lies in empowering the next generation with essential life skills through cooking, and in enabling women to become influential business owners in their communities. We engage in endeavors where we can make a meaningful and delicious impact, choosing to concentrate our energies on projects that align with our vision of nurturing, growth, and culinary creativity.

At Sticky Fingers Cooking®, we embrace the discipline of saying 'no' to myriad ventures, channeling our resources and passion into those few that resonate with our mission. We believe in the fruitful collaboration of our teams and franchise partners, fostering an environment where innovation in children's culinary education thrives uniquely.

Excellence is our benchmark in every aspect of our business, from the recipes we create to the entrepreneurial opportunities we offer. We maintain an ethos of self-reflection, readily embracing change when it means bettering our services and expanding our reach. These values, deeply ingrained in our identity, ensure that Sticky Fingers Cooking® will continue to flourish, spreading joy and life skills through cooking, one child, and one community at a time.

Our Stance on Social Responsibility:

We are a purpose-driven company. Sticky Fingers Cooking recognizes the value of fostering curiosity, independence, confidence, and the development of lifelong cooking skills through interactive and fun culinary experiences. We also believe that it is our responsibility to stand for social justice by seeking out equitable opportunities to offer our classes to diverse communities across the country.

Our outreach efforts focus on spreading and scaling our approachable kids cooking classes. We actively aim to bring Sticky Fingers Cooking to socioeconomically, racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse communities. As a company, we strive to adapt the structure, focus, and recipes in our classes to best meet the needs and desires of many and various types of communities.

We are always Cultivating COOLinary Curiosity in Kids®! It's THYME to TURNIP the BEET on what kids EAT®!



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