Sticky Notes - How To Clean Out Your Refrigerator: For National Clean-Out-the-Fridge Day
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How To Clean Out Your Refrigerator: For National Clean-Out-the-Fridge Day

November 2, 2022 by Emily Moore

Yes, there is a National Clean-Out-the-Fridge Day!

My refrigerator may look boring. But actually, it’s pretty cool.

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is celebrated each year on November 15th.  The holiday was invented by Whirlpool Corporation in the 1990s. Since it occurs just before the holiday season, it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out your fridge before stocking it up again. And if you need even more motivation, keep in mind that a too-full fridge uses excess electricity! So, let’s get to work!

Refrigerator Clean-Out Tips & Tricks 

1)     Start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

2)     Empty each shelf, discarding anything that is spoiled, moldy, or well past the expiration date.

3)    Remove, wash, and dry all the shelves and drawers, including their undersides. 

4)    Completely wipe down the inside of the fridge.

5)    Confirm that your fridge is set to the proper temperature. Depending on the model, different zones sometimes have different settings, but the FDA recommends 40°F or lower as the ideal temperature to keep food safely chilled.

6)    Get rid of anything you are not going to use (be honest with yourself!)

7)    Vacuum the condenser coils and the condenser fan (these are typically located on the backside of the fridge and can get really grimy over time!)

8)    Vacuum under the fridge.

9)    Restock shelves and drawers. Consider adding a clear bin for small items (e.g., condiments) – it’ll make subsequent cleanout sessions quicker!

10)  As for anything that needs to be used up soonish: allocate a temporary space in the fridge and challenge your kids to help you use up those ingredientsVery Cozy Veggie Mug Pot Pie or Kitschy Kitchen Sink Pancakes are excellent use-up recipes. 

11)  Enjoy your clean, optimized, organized fridge!

Refrigerator Jokes OR  Is your refrigerator “punning”? 
  • Is your refrigerator running? I just might vote for it! 
  • Why shouldn’t you hang your diplomas on the fridge? It can’t have too many degrees.
  • Why don’t we ever have olives in our fridge? Because I always eat olive them.
  • Cleaning out my fridge when... I came across two containers of butter. I guess you could say it was a second-dairy.
  • Why should you always knock on the fridge before opening it? There could be a salad dressing.
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