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Acclaimed In-Person & Online Enrichment Classes for Homeschool Students!

Thank you so much for considering Sticky Fingers Cooking! We would be delighted to have the opportunity to cook up some fun with your young chefs!

Sticky Fingers Cooking has taught 51,000+ kids ages 3-18 in over 400 schools, libraries, recreation centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YMCA's for over 8 years. Here are some things to know about our program whether you're looking for in-person or online enrichment opportunities:

What does Sticky Fingers Cooking ONLINE enrichment look like?

Offer your students a bite-sized enrichment program to pair with remote learning. We can host safe, fun enrichment cooking classes for your students. Our highly experienced crew of passionate, creative and dedicated chef instructors join groups of children virtually while everyone remains in the familiarity, safety and comfort of their own homes. 

Our highly engaging “Kids in the Kitchen!” online classes have all new interactive weekly recipes geared towards kids growing their independence in the kitchen and allow children to safely prepare snacks or dinner for their families. 

Zoom is embedded in our website which ensures complete digital and online security. This also ensures the ease to login to our online classes for schools, parents and students. A comprehensive recipe collection, shopping list, equipment checklist, food allergy guide, and video collection is included. 

Things to know about online classes:

What we provide:

What does Sticky Fingers Cooking IN-PERSON enrichment look like?

Sticky Fingers Cooking is a 100% mobile cooking school for children that specializes in hands-on, before, during and after school enrichment classes. Our talented and experienced chefs bring all of the ingredients, district approved equipment and activities to lead a safe, fun, interactive and educational one-hour cooking class. All we need is a room with tables, an outlet, and access to a sink (classroom, lunchroom or teacher’s lounge are most common).

In-person classes are currently available in Texas, Illinois and Colorado.

Here is a sample of what a Sticky Fingers Cooking Class at your location would be like: Instructor shows up 15-20 minutes prior to class to set up in a designated area. We can collect our kids or have them meet us at the class (based on school protocol). Class lasts 1 hour, shorter or longer depending on your needs! Each week we create a new recipe from scratch. Students do all the slicing, chopping, grating and mixing as a team then we sit and eat our newest creation and talk about it! Our chef then cleans up and returns the following week! We leave our classrooms as clean (if not cleaner!) as they were when we arrived.

Things to know about in-person classes:

What we provide:  

COVID-19 Safety Standards in place by Sticky Fingers Cooking:

Here are a few little ”bites” to give you a taste of what Sticky Fingers Cooking is like!

Online Kids Cooking Classes! (30 second video):

Kids in the Kitchen! Anytime Enrichment (30 second video):

Our Latest Recipe Line-Up (For Online Classes): HERE

Additional Information about Sticky Fingers Cooking: 


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