Sticky Notes - Parent Hack! Airport Scavenger Hunt
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Parent Hack! Airport Scavenger Hunt

July 27, 2022 by Emily Moore

Where do you find something lost at an airport? Everything is in plane site.

When I hear about the recent upheaval in air travel – all the delayed and canceled flights – my mind goes straight to folks traveling with young kids. Ugh!

When my family got stranded for a few hours at Boston’s Logan Airport on our way home to Colorado, I made up a scavenger hunt to entertain the kids (they were 7 and 9 at the time). It turned out to be a bit of a lifesaver on an unexpectedly long journey. My kids worked together to complete it, but alternatively you could approach it as a competitive activity with teams. I’d also recommend customizing it for whatever setting you’re in (our original list included local entries like overhearing a Boston accent and spotting a Dunkin’ Donut). The point is to shake things up, have a little fun, and let everyone engage a bit with their surroundings. 

Here’s what my kids were tasked with finding:

1.     Two people wearing flip-flops.

2.     A language that is not English being spoken.

3.     The healthiest snack you can find for $5 or less (I gave them $5 to share)

4.     An “I heart _______” slogan.

5.     Something Harry Potter-related.

6.     A person wearing headphones.

7.     A person who appears to be sleeping.

8.     A service animal.

9.     Someone or something that looks patriotic.

10.   Someone reading a newspaper.

11.   Someone who appears to be having a really, really good time.

12.   Something you have not eaten before that you would love to try.

13.   A red suitcase with wheels.

14.   A coin.

15.   Someone wearing a Star Wars t-shirt.

16.   A postcard of your current location.

17.   A piece of fruit that is fresh. The same kind of fruit but dried.

18.   Which restaurant seems to have the most nutritious food?

19.   A phone charger that is not being used.

20.   A water fountain.

Here’s to your fun-filled and adventurous travels!

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