Sticky Notes - Celebrating Juneteenth: Honoring Freedom with Food and Fellowship
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Celebrating Juneteenth: Honoring Freedom with Food and Fellowship

June 17, 2024 by Emily Moore
  • Why did the grapes never miss a picnic? Because they always wanted to be part of the “bunch!”
  • What’s a bee’s favorite picnic game? Buzz-quetball!

Juneteenth (short for “June Nineteenth”) marks the end of slavery in the United States. Celebrated by individual U.S. cities and states since the 1860s, it was officially recognized as a federal holiday in 2021. This significant day serves as a time for friends and family to come together, reflect on the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history, and enjoy a feast that spotlights African American culinary traditions.

African American cuisine is as diverse as the people who create it, influenced by local ingredients, regional traditions, and the rich diversity of the African American diaspora. Depending on where you celebrate and who’s doing the cooking, you could encounter a wide array of traditional dishes. 

We’ve rounded up some tried-and-true favorites from our recipe collection that are perfect for any Juneteenth celebration:

With so many delicious options, it’s hard to go wrong. Happy Juneteenth, everyone!
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