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Easy, Edible Holiday Gifts to Make with Your Kids

November 30, 2022 by Emily Moore

 Don't know what to give for gifts this holiday season, well DON'T GIFT UP!

Making holiday gifts is a great way to make holiday memories. And many kids are very happy to be invited to help in the kitchen. Since the holidays tend to be a busy time, simple, low-fuss recipes are a good way to go. Here are two recipes that fit the bill and give little chefs a chance to practice fine motor skills like measuring, pouring, and spreading. (Note: no stovetop or conventional oven needed – just a microwave for the peppermint bark!)


Flavored Salt

Ingredients & Equipment

  • Mixing bowl and spoon
  • Coarse salt (e.g., kosher or sea salt).
  • Dried herb or spice of your choosing (rosemary or thyme are great options!). 
  • Small jars and labels for gifting


1)     Mix the dried herb directly into the salt using a ratio of 1 tsp spice or dried herb to 1/4 cup salt

2)     Transfer the mixture to a small jar and decorate it with a label.

3)     Include a card with ideas for how to use the salts (e.g., sprinkle on roasted vegetables or eggs, top freshly popped popcorn, etc.).


Peppermint Bark

Ingredients & Equipment

  • 18 mini (or 6 large) candy canes
  • 4 cups (24 ounces) chocolate chips
  • 9x13 metal baking pan
  • Aluminum foil
  • Large resealable plastic bag
  • Rolling pin
  • Large microwave-safe bowl
  • Spatula
  • Plastic wrap


1)     Line a baking pan with two pieces of aluminum foil, making sure that each piece is long enough to hang over the sides. (This makes it easy to remove the bark from the pan later!)

2)     Place the candy canes in a resealable plastic bag. Seal the bag, making sure to squeeze out all the air. With a rolling pin, gently pound the candy canes into little pieces (you should end up with about ½ cup of candy cane bits).

3)     Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring occasionally until smooth.

4)     Use the spatula to scrape the melted chocolate into a foil-lined baking pan, spreading the chocolate all the way to the corners of the pan.

5)     Next sprinkle the candy cane bits over the chocolate. 

6)     Cover the pan with plastic wrap and refrigerate until the chocolate is firm (about 1 hour).

7)     Remove the pan from the fridge. Use the foil to lift the bark from the pan and set it down on the counter.

8)     Break the bark into pieces.

9)      Package it up cute!


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