Sticky Notes - Exciting News: Sticky Fingers Cooking® is now in Dallas!
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Exciting News: Sticky Fingers Cooking® is now in Dallas!

May 29, 2024 by Emily Moore
  • Why did the taco truck refuse to share its location?It didn’t want to spill the beans!
  • What did the food truck say to the hungry customer? “Don’t worry, I’m here to serve up some wheely good food!”

We’re thrilled to announce that our fun and engaging kids’ cooking classes will soon be available in the Dallas, Texas, area! This exciting expansion is thanks to Sticky Fingers Cooking’s latest franchise owner, Paul Kim.

Paul Kim’s journey from the corporate world to the culinary scene is inspiring. Despite a successful career in corporate finance, Paul craved more meaningful work. Driven by a desire for more autonomy and fulfillment, he launched a taco food truck and later a fast-casual salad restaurant. Combining his love for food with his business expertise, he set the stage for his next big step: bringing Sticky Fingers Cooking® to Dallas.

Paul is eager to launch Sticky Fingers Cooking in Dallas, allowing kids to explore their culinary talents in a lively and welcoming environment. Spread the word to friends and family in Dallas – Sticky Fingers Cooking® classes are coming soon, and they’re going to be amazing!

Curious about what’s in store? Try some of our Dallas-inspired, kid-friendly recipes like Classic Cowboy Craveable Caviar + Texan Campfire Quesadillas + Warm Cowgirl Cocoa Mugs. These dishes offer a delicious preview of what’s ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for loads of fun with Sticky Fingers Cooking® in Dallas – yee-haw!​​​​​​​

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