Sticky Notes - From Montessori Teacher to Sticky Fingers Cooking Franchise Owner: Lucy Warenski’s Stirring Transformation!
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From Montessori Teacher to Sticky Fingers Cooking Franchise Owner: Lucy Warenski’s Stirring Transformation!

August 30, 2023 by Emily Moore

From Teacher to Franchise Owner!

Lucy Warenski's journey to owning a Sticky Fingers Cooking franchise weaves together her dual passions for cooking and childhood education. After graduating from Creighton University, an experience that included a semester in Tuscany, Lucy turned her attention to teaching. She was drawn to the Montessori teaching method which celebrates children’s inherent curiosity and love of learning. The Montessori philosophy became a cornerstone in her path from educator to entrepreneur.

Montessori + Sticky Fingers Cooking = A Seamless Blend

By the time Lucy crossed paths with Sticky Fingers Cooking, she had spent 10 wonderful years as a Montessori Directress. From her training and classroom experience, she had formed strong beliefs about the essence of teaching and learning and felt strongly that when children experience learning as practical and enjoyable, they develop a lasting curiosity about the world and its people. 

It was no surprise then, that Lucy felt an instant connection when she assumed the role of Sticky Fingers Cooking chef instructor in 2011. The School’s philosophy and mission reverberated with her own principles. She found herself appreciating the thoughtfully curated lesson plans and engaging activities that encompassed all five senses - a purposeful strategy to bolster children’s confidence and independence. This intricate alignment made her feel that Montessori and Sticky Fingers Cooking were an ideal match. Lucy says, “One of my guiding principles as a teacher and as a mom of two boys, is to help children become the best version of themselves. I am extremely passionate about guiding children on their own unique path through bolstering their self-confidence, having a broad vision of the world, leading with kindness to others and to themselves, and being brave. Sticky Fingers Cooking encapsulates all of these values every single day. During the last twelve years with Sticky Fingers Cooking, I could not be more honored and humbled to have impacted so many children. As I look to the future as a franchise owner, I am met with deep gratitude to be able to continue to inspire and guide Chicagoland children on their own path.”   

Seizing Expansion Opportunities

The birth of her first child marked a turning point for Lucy, prompting a move back to the Chicago area to be near her family. The move presented an opportunity for Lucy and Sticky Fingers Cooking founder and CEO Erin Fletter to collaborate on expanding the Sticky Fingers Cooking brand to Illinois, replicating the success of the Denver model. And now, in 2023, after a decade of successfully managing Sticky Fingers Cooking operations in Illinois, Lucy's progression to franchise ownership was a logical next step. Her commitment, strong relationships with schools and chef instructors, and her enthusiasm for the brand made her a standout choice as a franchisee.

Erin Fletter says, "Lucy Warenski has been an integral part of Sticky Fingers Cooking since its inception. Her extensive knowledge of working with children, combined with her culinary expertise and experience as a mother, has profoundly influenced our company's identity. Over the years I have watched Lucy grow into an incredible leader and she will be a wonderful business owner! We are incredibly excited to welcome her as our second franchisee!”

A Personal Impact

Sticky Fingers Cooking has deeply influenced Lucy's life. She has found fulfillment in a career that combines her interests while allowing time with her husband and two children. The company's flexible and supportive environment has been crucial for her professional success without compromising her role as a mother.

Now as a franchise owner with two Illinois territories, Lucy remains dedicated to fostering children’s creativity, introducing them to different cultures, and sharing the joy of cooking. In her roles as a Montessori teacher, chef instructor, Illinois Area Director, and now business owner, Lucy has consistently prioritized making a positive impact on children’s lives. Her passion for teaching and love for cooking now reach an even larger audience in Chicagoland. 

Are you passionate about teaching or cooking and considering turning it into a business? Visit our website to learn more about franchise opportunities with Sticky Fingers Cooking.

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