Sticky Notes - From Numbers to Noodles: Introducing Trang Nguyen, Sticky Fingers Cooking’s Latest Franchise Owner!
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From Numbers to Noodles: Introducing Trang Nguyen, Sticky Fingers Cooking’s Latest Franchise Owner!

January 24, 2024 by Emily Moore
  • What did the financial analyst say when switching careers to cooking? It's time to spice things up!
  • What do you call a cooking class that teaches kids to be ‘egg-ceptional’ chefs? Sticky Fingers Cooking®, of course!

Before joining Sticky Fingers Cooking®, Trang Nguyen spent seven years in the financial industry. While she enjoyed her career, she was ready for another challenge. Inspired by her own family and fueled by the belief that practical, enjoyable learning sparks curiosity, Trang recently set out on a new adventure in Northern Virginia as Sticky Fingers Cooking’s latest franchise owner! 

As a mother of two children under five, Trang is familiar with the allure of cooking with kids. Her daughter, Mackenzie (2½ years old), already shows a keen interest in cooking. “She wants to help me all the time in the kitchen when I cook dinner,” Trang shares. “She gets me butter from the fridge and things from the pantry. I try to put things on lower shelves now since I know she loves doing that.”

She also understands firsthand the value of afterschool enrichment programs, particularly those that don’t require a busy parent to shuttle their kid from one activity to the next. And she knows that many neighborhoods are just like hers, teeming with young families whose parents are eager to sign them up for fun, meaningful, hands-on educational experiences for children.

It's no wonder that one day, as she scrolled through her Facebook feed, a Sticky Fingers Cooking® franchise opportunity caught her eye – it just made sense to Trang to bring a program like Sticky Fingers Cooking® to Northern Virginia.

Driven by her desire to create something enriching for both her family and her community, Trang set out to learn all about Sticky Fingers Cooking’s mission and values and even flew to Denver to meet the team. The trip left her impressed and assured. “When I talk to people at Sticky Fingers Cooking®, they are very transparent and very honest with me about what they do and how they do it and how they built the business from scratch.”

The enthusiasm goes both ways. Erin Fletter, Sticky Fingers Cooking® founder and CEO says, “I am fascinated by Trang's international experiences. She is bold, tenacious, intelligent, thoughtful, and a wonderful leader. Trang sees the power of social entrepreneurship within Sticky Fingers Cooking® and is confident in her ability to grow a successful business while serving as a positive beacon for kids and families in the NoVA area!”

All this just goes to show what we at Sticky Fingers Cooking® know to be true: passion + opportunity is the perfect blend! 

And welcome, Trang!


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