Sticky Notes - Hooray for Grandparents Day on September 11th!
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Hooray for Grandparents Day on September 11th!

August 31, 2022 by Emily Moore

What did the baby graham cracker say to his grandparents when they told a joke? You CRACKER me up and you are the best GRAHAM-ma and GRAHAM-pa ever! 

  • What do grandmothers serve dinosaurs for snack? TEA-rex with DINO-smores. 
  • What is the similarity between a grandmother and a website? You can't deny the cookies.
  • Our 90-year-old grandfather still does not need any glasses. He drinks milk directly from the jug.

Grandparents Day, is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, which falls this year on September 11th. It’s a great opportunity to acknowledge the unique bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. And there’s plenty to celebrate – studies show that grandparents’ regular involvement in children’s lives can foster important “prosocial” behaviors like kindness and empathy. Who doesn’t want an extra helping of that?

Strengthening Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships  
  • Go Exploring – Whether touring another city, taking in a ball game, or visiting a local museum, sharing a one-on-one adventure together is an excellent way develop bonds and make lasting memories.
  • Play Games – Games help kids practice skills like turn-taking, patience, and gracious winning and losing. It’s also a great way to get to know one another and learn how each other’s mind work. Board games (like Headbanz and Headbanz Junior) and card games (like Quicktionary and Set) work well when distance isn’t a factor. And there are plenty of low-tech games that can be played remotely (for example, the fun get-to-know-you game known as Never Have I Ever (clean version, of course!). All you need to get started is a list of questions
  • Share Family Recipes – Learning and cooking family recipes together can create connections within the immediate family, across generations, and with one’s cultural heritage. (And, okay, we might be a little biased, but cooking together is FUN!!)

When it comes to celebrating grandmas and grandpas, we’ve got LOTS of ideas! How about whipping up a sweet treat for them, like Lemon Apple Yogurt Half-Pound Cakes? Or, how about gathering all the grandkids and grandparents together remotely and celebrating with a private, online cooking class? (Learn more about our Family & Friends Cooking Classes here). Prefer to let the grandparents choose? No problem! Allow us to suggest a Sticky Fingers Cooking gift card!

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