Sticky Notes - Make The Everyday Special: Sticky Fingers Cooking Employees Share Tips To Make Mealtimes Joyful and Fun!
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Make The Everyday Special: Sticky Fingers Cooking Employees Share Tips To Make Mealtimes Joyful and Fun!

August 10, 2023 by Emily Moore

Sprinkle Some Fun Into Mealtimes!

In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of everyday activities. But what if we could infuse some magic to make even the simplest things feel special? At Sticky Fingers Cooking, we believe in creating memorable experiences that bring joy and playfulness to everyday moments. Here are some of our team members’ fun and creative ideas for transforming ordinary routines into extraordinary adventures!

Use Fun Utensils + Dishware

If anyone gets kids, it’s Sticky Fingers Cooking Founder and Owner Erin Fletter. When her own kids were young, she invested in a set of rainbow utensils and animal-themed plates (each Fletter child got to pick their favorite beast!). The plates were such a hit that her family eventually upgraded to whimsical animal-themed ceramic plates that they still use today!

Invite Stuffed Animals / Dolls to the Table

When my daughter Piper was 8, she treated her dad to a super festive Father’s Day. She gathered up all her stuffed animals and fashioned a little origami party hat for each one. She lined them all up on the dining room table and made her dad plate muffins and fruit. That was it – so simple, so sweet! 

Invite Friends Over

Sticky Fingers Cooking’s Chief Financial Officer Lelania Howard offers this simple trick to turn an everyday dinner into a special occasion: invite someone over! It could be a family member who lives nearby, a friend from school or work, or even a neighbor. A new face at the dinner table can make all the difference and it doesn’t need to be a formal affair! In fact, a low-key atmosphere keeps things light and relaxed. Who knows, your kids might even feel inspired to help with the preparations!

Give Dinner a Name

Why settle for a plain old dinner when you can give it a catchy name? I discovered this magical tip myself when my kids were little, and it works! Imagine inviting your family to enjoy a “Mystical Mermaid Feast” or a “Superhero Salad Adventure.” Not only does it pique their curiosity, but it also makes mealtime feel like an out-of-this-world event!

Pretend Your Kitchen is a Restaurant

Sticky Fingers Cooking’s Chief of Staff Katie Brennan has fond memories of playing restaurant during family gatherings with cousins. They’d develop the scene with placemats, folded napkins, and even put together a written menu. Engaging in pretend play can be great fun for kids, so give them the freedom to let their imaginations run wild! Encourage your family to take on roles like head chef, server, or even restaurant critic! 

Incorporating joy and playfulness into everyday routines can transform mundane activities into cherished memories. The possibilities are endless and it’s totally easy to do! What mealtime memories will you create? 

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